Wednesday, September 28, 2011

JOHNSON’s My Kid’s Growing Up So Fast CONTEST

It was 6th of February, 2009, the pain is really there.  I cried so many times for 8 long hours, and I felt like I'm almost dying... and now, as the long & short hands of the clock reaches the number 10, I heard his first cry.  

A cute little baby boy, named ELIJAH GAVRIE (from a Hebrew Biblical name Elijah meaning "the Lord is my God" & from a unique Russian Biblical Name Gavrie meaning "Man of God"), finally is here. 

From the moment I saw him, all of the pain, tears and sacrifices (I have a very delicate pregnancy, I constantly vomited for 6 months, gave up my career & work for a bed rest) we're all gone after I saw my first born child.  

Welcome to Baby Gav's World:

I have managed to document all of his firsts (first walk,first bath, etc.), name it!!!


1st bath

Gav's 1st Gala (1 week old)

1st crawl

1st solid food

1st walk

1st haircut

1st messy pic

Even the first 12 months of his life:

-And now-



CAPTURED MOMENTS of Gav's Early Life

Okay, okay.  My facebook, multiply, myspace and friendster accounts looked almost like a scrapbook.  Sounds funny, but it's true!  I have tons of Gav's photos posted there.  Why?  I'm a proud mom who wants to show the world how my son loves to smile most of the time. ^_^

GAV is no longer a BABY:

It's been two years.

Gav's now the typical toddler: active, playful...and most of the time, explores the things he has been curious of (music box, tv, gadgets) heard it right gadgets.  IPAD, Ipod Touch, Touch screen and ordinary cellphones, Iphones... he knew it all how to operate at a very young age.

He is changing before my eyes but his skin is still like a baby's.  We still need the gentle care of JOHNSON's Baby Milk, with Vitamins A&E and 100% more milk proteins to nourish developing skin.



For hours he keeps on doing those things, amazing us how he managed to do it without our help. (See video above):

I can see it now.  These skills show that he is analytically capable to be a MATH WIZARD or a great CPA. Yay!

My kid's growing up so fast and he is a serious QA game tester...he sits on a computer chair and have a brainy (like GEARS or MIND BOGGLER) or even complicated games (Toy Adventure) on his IPAD. (he already claimed it that it's his gadget, and no one could ever touch it, for his game files might get corrupted if we ever try to hold it huh!)

But for now, I will continue to support his talent.  I will let him first enjoy those simple kid's game through his favorite gadget.  

We love our son.  We'll support his talent even if it means he'll also claim all of our gadgets :p

We'll never get tired supporting you Gav.  Cheers! ^_^

What's up for grabs:

Now, for my readers, you have a chance to win a cool gift pack from Johnson's by just commenting on this blog post.  Help me think for the right caption. The most interesting and creative (or maybe funny) caption on the photo posted below will win!  I will be the one to choose the best CAPTION.

"Brainy Chronicles of a Techie Kid"  

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Hair makeover weekend at Revlon Professional

It was the Saturday evening, after being so exhausted on a very tiring week, I grabbed my phone to browse the net and suddenly I saw ORANGE MAGAZINE TV's announcement: 

I told myself, why not give it a try this time?

You know, I am a typical mom who seldom goes to the salon (when laziness strikes), and honestly, I haven't been in the salon for a year now (for I seldom go out) :p

To my surprise, I saw my name there!!! I was chosen as one of the bloggers to join this exclusive hair makeover event at REVLON PROFESSIONAL, located at Kapitolyo, Pasig.  An early treat for me (for our 3rd Wedding Anniversary is coming very soon). Woot! ^_^

For a very little time left,  I immediately prepared to go on to the place. I am really excited for the hair makeover!  Tee hee!

My hair before the makeover

Heading the place, the ambiance was really relaxing.  

I was immediately assisted by the staff.  We headed our way upstairs to have a quick treat (buffet lunch/dinner) but unfortunately I wasn't able to really indulge those for I am already on my 6th day of a NO RICE DIET. (But hubby loves the food ;p)  Thanks for that warm welcome. :)

Everyone is busy.  The hair stylists were graciously assisting the bloggers who we're currently having their makeovers already.

I was given a card where I need to put my choice of makeover, and told myself, I want to have color and treatment for my abused hair haha.

It was not too long and now it's my turn.  Weee!   

A stylist asked me to choose from a variety of colors I wanted for my hair.  My first choice was a lighter one (I want to try it), but she suggested that I have to choose a darker one for I seldom go to the salon.  You know, when hair grows, visible black hair strands can be seen so it was really not advisable for me to have a lighter blonde hair.  
After a few minutes of browsing it.  I have finally chosen this color:

The color (cellophane) semi-permanent treatment used: YOUNG COLOR EXCEL 

They used YOUNG COLOR EXCEL. They have nice, delicate, extraordinary brilliance and silky feel tones and colors that seduces. Consisting of 40 rich shades that has double variety of pure pigments, YCE (as how it is abbreviated) are more intense, natural and longer lasting. 

These AMMONIA-FREE, natural looking shades have been equipped with the new technology and care to ensure color's unsurpassed staying power, dazzling brilliance and lasting luminous effect.

Combined with rational amount (1 mixed with 2 parts) of Young Color Excel Energizer, it is applied directly unto our hair. (Whew!  That was a lot of explaining lolz).

I happen to take a photo of myself while waiting:

 Leaving it for 20 minutes...and not noticing it's almost time :)

Best if emulsified, rinsed and shampood with REVLONISSIMO NMT Post-Color Shampoo (Nano Molecular Technology) afterwards.


I really loved it!!!

Kudos to my stylist, Ms. Gie ^_^

After a series of photo shoots (which I will just upload it here later after I got the copy from official photographers), exchanging our sweet hellos and goodbyes, I am really happy I have been a part of these awesome hair makeover. 

I was even given these product line of REVLON as a take home gift.  :)

To give you peeps an overview of the products (which I believe an essential care for a treated hair), here they are:

 Sun Care Shampoo:  Calms the sensitized scalp & gently eliminates residues of sunscreen, chlorine, particles of sand & salt

 Shine Spray: Finishing spray that leaves hair soft & intensely shiny

 STAR WAX:  Shine hair wax

OROFLUIDO: Beauty elixir for your hair, remarkable silkness, lightness and shine

Copper Gold Color Creme: A 3-minute, 1 application nutri color creme 

Tangerine Color Creme: A 3-minute, 1 application nutri color creme 

Ceramide Protecting Fluid: A moisturizing sun protecting fluid that hydrates hair's color & softness, making brushing & combing easier

Orbital Curls Designer: Flexible curls activator

Thank you very much REVLON PROFESSIONAL!  Indeed a remarkable weekend makeover for me. :)


To know more about REVLON PROFESSIONAL, visit the following:

"Being a blonde is not just having a certain colour of's a way of being and a question of taste"- Donatella Versace

"We don't only see the color, we feel it" - The Colomer Group