Sunday, July 17, 2011

FHM SEXIEST 2011 Victory Party goes BURLESQUE

FHM (For Him Magazine) Philippines annually celebrates a victory party for the hailed TOP 100 Sexiest.  In this year's event,  it was held at SMX Convention Center last July 14, where around 6,500 people gathered together to witness the beauty of the Filipina sexiness.  For this year, SAM PINTO was declared as the number 1 SEXIEST.  See list HERE.

I was one of the lucky persons who happens to get the chance to be in the show.  Tickets were not for sale and you can only get the chance to watch it through invites (although I only have a regular ticket).  Honestly, it was my first time to watch events like this, I even don't watch concerts because I hate falling in line and standing for longer hours.  But I told myself, why not give it a try?  So this is it.  Special thanks to BELO MEN for the tickets.

As per the ticket invites, it was supposedly to start at 7pm, but because of the long queue of line, we we're able to get inside the convention center around 8:30 pm.

As we enter the venue, you can see booths all over the place sponsored by BELO MEN, PREMIER MAX, PETRON ULTRON, RRJ, PLDT MyDSL, CITIZEN and SAN MIGUEL LIGHT.  They are giving away freebies in exchange of a dare.  :)  There also you can experience ultimate strip tease by the vixens. ^_^

The show started around 9:30 pm with a parade of sponsors' models where the audience will get a chance to vote for them through text. (The one with the highest votes will be featured in one of FHM's issue).

Then it was followed by presentations of some FHM TOP 100.  
 FHM July cover Eula Valdes (left-in gold attire) for the celebrity performance with Cabaret-inspired dance number

 FHM sexiest number 25 performed a CHAIR DANCE.  Michelle Madrigal did it well.

Daiana Menezes (top photo) did a pole dance number with Iwa Moto (not in the picture)

Cage & Tango Burlesque dance number done by Paw Diaz, Stef Presscott, Wendy Valdez and Jef Gaitan

Last celebrity performance was done by FHM Sexiest Number 19 Regine Angeles in a Sado-Masochist inspired dance number. (Sorry I wasn't able to take a photo of it)

The most awaited part of the show:  the presentation of TOP 100 Sexiest Pinays. ^_^  I am a bit frustrated 'coz I wasn't able to capture really good photos (I am only using NIKON D3000 with 18-55mm lens, no Image Stabilizer) and sad to say I am  far from the stage.  I ended up having blurred the fact that there's a lot of people in front of me so I wasn't able to capture all of the participants :(.  But anyway, this is the best shot that I got.  Please bear with my photos:
Top 100-Mercedes Cabral

Top 99-Jem Milton

Top 98-Gwyneth Ceridwen

Top 87-Saicy Aguila

Top 53-Wendy Valdez

Top 46-Eula Valdes

top 18-Bianca Manalo

Top 8-Iwa Moto

Top 6-Katrina Halili

Top 1-Sam Pinto

Last performance was done by the hailed sexiest Pinay in a red corset-type dress, Sam Pinto.

The show ended up after some of the FHM Top Sexiest and Sam ramp on the stage.

To see some of the photos, click HERE.

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