Thursday, November 17, 2011

CHEAP FINDS at Divisoria stalls, sidewalk & 168 Mall

I am about to go back on the corporate world after 3 years of being a housewife, wannabe chef, work at home mom and even a BUM.   All of my office stuffs and dress were given to others, and some, I just don't know where they are now.  If there's anything left here in my closet, they are not fitted to me anymore 'coz I have gone bigger than ever. So in short, I end up going to Divisoria and other places where I know I can buy cheap smart dresses/attire due to budget constraints.
Shopping is fun to do...but doing it with a very limited budget is really indeed a headache. I only have approximately more or less Php 2,500 for a 2-week office attire, Php 1k for 2 shoes, Php 500 for accessories, Php 1500 for eyeglasses and Php 500 for my other things.  
I know Divisoria 168 Mall for cheap dresses and accessories so I headed my way there. It took me 1 and half hour for the travel time (MRT-LRT then jeepney going to Divisoria).  Because Christmas time is coming very near, the jeepneys didn't enter the Juan Luna St. which they are supposedly to enter.  I started to walk from BINONDO to Recto (imagine that!).  But mind you, you will not notice it 'coz you'll find a lot of cheap goodies and stuffs out there ranging from Php 10 to Php 250 (sidewalk).  Toys, mugs, bags, kid's dresses -- all of these are everywhere. 

My first destination: Sidewalk.

I got all of them for only Php 60.00
Selling price: Php 45.00 each, haggled for Php 20.00 each

Pink Bracelet (Php 20.00)

Purple Bracelet (Php 20.00)

Pink Bracelet (Php 20.00)

Aren't they so kawaii?

I also happen to see this Silicone-Plastic belt (usually sold at Php 150-200 at malls):

My second destination: Simplicious Fashion located at Recto.  There you can see various accessories ranging from earrings, bracelets, rings and necklace. I believe these are Korean-made accessories.

I bought the following accessories:

Light Brown Necklace (Php 50.00)
Originally Php 100-300 at malls

Peach-Pink Necklace (Php 50.00)
Originally Php 100-300 at malls

White Pearl Necklace (Php 65.00)
Originally Php 100-300 at malls

White Bracelet (Php 25.00)
Originally Php 100-Php 150 at malls

Black Bracelet (Php 25.00)
Originally Php 100-Php 150 at malls

White Earrings (Circle)
Php 25.00 each

Sky Blue Earrings 
Php 25.00 each

White Chanel Earrings (Circle)
Php 25.00 each

My third destination: 168 Mall.
I headed my way to JUANA, second floor.  A great place to find plus size corporate dresses.

Belt included :)

Php 450.00
 (Applies to all sizes, sizes ranges from Small to XXXL)

Can be worn with different belts.

It took me 5 hours walking from all sides of Divisoria to get the best out of it :)

Well, be aware that there are DO's and DON'Ts when going to these place:
-Do haggle.  Bargaining is a very important thing to maximize the money you have.  My style, bargain immediately HALF THE PRICE of the item, then if the seller does not want it, then haggle.
-Canvass first before buying.  There's a lot of the same items.  Some of them are selling it at a higher price.
-Wear your most comfortable slippers/shoes.  High heels is a NO-NO, or you'll end up having severe cramps.
-Go on weekdays and not a weekend.
-Do not bring high-end cellphones, bulky bags or expensive jewelries, or else you'll find yourself victimized by a thief/snatcher.
-Do not bring lots of cash.  An ATM will do.  If in case you run out of money, there are malls there where you can withdraw.

By the way, other malls are currently on SALE. I went to LANDMARK MAKATI and was able to bought the following:

Ohrelle shoes
(Original Price: Php 1,099.00
Marked Down Price: Php 399.00)

Australian Flat Shoes
(Original Price: Php 799.00
Marked Down Price: Php 239.70)

Hubby and I even bought CHEAP AUTHENTIC EYEGLASS FRAMES which is 1/3 of the original price at PATERNO ST., QUIAPO.

Now, the remaining money I got, I all bought them on 2 UKAY UKAY stores (Monumento and Guadalupe) where skirts are only Php 75.00 each and cardigans for Php 50.00 each.  Slacks is Php 120.00. *_*  Just bought 5 packs of ARIEL to make sure it is really clean. 

Haggling and buying things on sale (or even on places like DIVISORIA and QUIAPO) doesn't mean you are cheap.  It's just a matter how you carry yourself. ^_^



  1. I've been waiting for someone to make a divi post to help me decide if it's well-worth to brave the crowds and trek there for holiday shopping. thanks for this.

  2. Hi Salmoncat. It's worth! You just have to know your itenerary. :)

  3. An awesome article, thanks for sharing it.

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  4. The glasses are fantastic!


  5. i was amazed by your article.. Great budget techiques.!

    1. Thank you! In times of crisis we really need to be a wise-spender!

  6. Hello where exactly in Divisoria or 168 Mall did you buy your dress? Thank you! :D

    1. Hi Michelle, it is on the second floor of 168. There are I think 2 to 3 stalls of JUANA at 168, but I can't clearly remember what exact number/area, ask the other stalls, they should know it. :) Or simply visit this site on Facebook and ask them:

    2. Oh I found on the page what exact stall numbers: 1X-01, 2N-08 and 3A-15. Hope this helps ^_^