Friday, November 18, 2011


Recently I won from THE BODY SHOP PHILIPPINES' contest and one of the prizes includes 2 pcs Baked Eye Colour (Jade and Copper). I decided to make a review first on the JADE shade:

Shades of Jade

Duo Shades with a camera flash (close up)

The shade is made of a two tone shades of Jade, with a touch of glittery finish:

Php 1,095.00 SRP

When applied:

Love the smokey eye effect!  Great for people with hooded lids! (like me).  And the best of it?  It doesn't smudge!

Smokey Look Make up
Eyeshadow: The Body Shop Baked Eye Colour (Jade)
Eyeliner: The Body Shop Carbon Black Eye Definer
Eyebrow: Nichido Precise Eye Pencil (Tiger Eye)
Lower Liner: The Face Shop Crayon Eyeliner (Shiny White)
Blush on: Maybelline Day & Night Collection
Lips: Chapstick Natural (Strawberry)


Thursday, November 17, 2011

CHEAP FINDS at Divisoria stalls, sidewalk & 168 Mall

I am about to go back on the corporate world after 3 years of being a housewife, wannabe chef, work at home mom and even a BUM.   All of my office stuffs and dress were given to others, and some, I just don't know where they are now.  If there's anything left here in my closet, they are not fitted to me anymore 'coz I have gone bigger than ever. So in short, I end up going to Divisoria and other places where I know I can buy cheap smart dresses/attire due to budget constraints.
Shopping is fun to do...but doing it with a very limited budget is really indeed a headache. I only have approximately more or less Php 2,500 for a 2-week office attire, Php 1k for 2 shoes, Php 500 for accessories, Php 1500 for eyeglasses and Php 500 for my other things.  
I know Divisoria 168 Mall for cheap dresses and accessories so I headed my way there. It took me 1 and half hour for the travel time (MRT-LRT then jeepney going to Divisoria).  Because Christmas time is coming very near, the jeepneys didn't enter the Juan Luna St. which they are supposedly to enter.  I started to walk from BINONDO to Recto (imagine that!).  But mind you, you will not notice it 'coz you'll find a lot of cheap goodies and stuffs out there ranging from Php 10 to Php 250 (sidewalk).  Toys, mugs, bags, kid's dresses -- all of these are everywhere. 

My first destination: Sidewalk.

I got all of them for only Php 60.00
Selling price: Php 45.00 each, haggled for Php 20.00 each

Pink Bracelet (Php 20.00)

Purple Bracelet (Php 20.00)

Pink Bracelet (Php 20.00)

Aren't they so kawaii?

I also happen to see this Silicone-Plastic belt (usually sold at Php 150-200 at malls):

My second destination: Simplicious Fashion located at Recto.  There you can see various accessories ranging from earrings, bracelets, rings and necklace. I believe these are Korean-made accessories.

I bought the following accessories:

Light Brown Necklace (Php 50.00)
Originally Php 100-300 at malls

Peach-Pink Necklace (Php 50.00)
Originally Php 100-300 at malls

White Pearl Necklace (Php 65.00)
Originally Php 100-300 at malls

White Bracelet (Php 25.00)
Originally Php 100-Php 150 at malls

Black Bracelet (Php 25.00)
Originally Php 100-Php 150 at malls

White Earrings (Circle)
Php 25.00 each

Sky Blue Earrings 
Php 25.00 each

White Chanel Earrings (Circle)
Php 25.00 each

My third destination: 168 Mall.
I headed my way to JUANA, second floor.  A great place to find plus size corporate dresses.

Belt included :)

Php 450.00
 (Applies to all sizes, sizes ranges from Small to XXXL)

Can be worn with different belts.

It took me 5 hours walking from all sides of Divisoria to get the best out of it :)

Well, be aware that there are DO's and DON'Ts when going to these place:
-Do haggle.  Bargaining is a very important thing to maximize the money you have.  My style, bargain immediately HALF THE PRICE of the item, then if the seller does not want it, then haggle.
-Canvass first before buying.  There's a lot of the same items.  Some of them are selling it at a higher price.
-Wear your most comfortable slippers/shoes.  High heels is a NO-NO, or you'll end up having severe cramps.
-Go on weekdays and not a weekend.
-Do not bring high-end cellphones, bulky bags or expensive jewelries, or else you'll find yourself victimized by a thief/snatcher.
-Do not bring lots of cash.  An ATM will do.  If in case you run out of money, there are malls there where you can withdraw.

By the way, other malls are currently on SALE. I went to LANDMARK MAKATI and was able to bought the following:

Ohrelle shoes
(Original Price: Php 1,099.00
Marked Down Price: Php 399.00)

Australian Flat Shoes
(Original Price: Php 799.00
Marked Down Price: Php 239.70)

Hubby and I even bought CHEAP AUTHENTIC EYEGLASS FRAMES which is 1/3 of the original price at PATERNO ST., QUIAPO.

Now, the remaining money I got, I all bought them on 2 UKAY UKAY stores (Monumento and Guadalupe) where skirts are only Php 75.00 each and cardigans for Php 50.00 each.  Slacks is Php 120.00. *_*  Just bought 5 packs of ARIEL to make sure it is really clean. 

Haggling and buying things on sale (or even on places like DIVISORIA and QUIAPO) doesn't mean you are cheap.  It's just a matter how you carry yourself. ^_^


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cheap Eyeglass Frames: Only at Paterno St. Quiapo

Last week, hubby and I decided to look for prescription glasses.  It took us almost a month to look for the best, cheap frames, and we even have to browse every optical shops on malls.  I keep on inquiring for current sales, and through web browsing, I was able to read on a forum that PATERNO ST. is indeed a great find to look for those stuffs. At first, I was really hesitant to go on that place because QUIAPO is known for a crowded place.  I told myself, I might get "subtandard' frames there.  But after a series of searching over the net, I finally decided to convince hubby to go there.

When we first arrived at Quiapo (through LRT CARRIEDO), I don't know where to go.  After asking some of the vendors, we finally saw that street!  It was just near the said station, around 2 blocks away from Rizal Ave.   Upon arriving Paterno St., literally my jaw dropped 'cause I don't know where to start.  A lot of optical shops were around, from the small ones to air-conditioned shops. If you are going to look for eyeglass frames, I suggest to always "ASK" about the quality of the frames (they will tell you if the frame is Authentic, Class A, Japan Made or even China Made).  Believe me, you can get frames as low as Php 150 pesos for China made sunglasses (the ones being sold in malls for Php 400) and Php 350 for prescription eyeglass frames.  Those Japan/Taiwan made is around 700 to 1,200, depending on the color, style and material.  But if you really want to at least have a big chance to look for authentic frames, go to the Airconditioned/carpeted shops. They are offering Authentic frames there ranging from Php 1,500 to Php 7,000.

On the last part of Paterno St. (the one near Quezon Blvd.), we saw this optical shop located on the second floor of a certain condo unit.  It was named OPTICAL CITY MANILA, and we saw that they are on SALE that time (30-70 per cent off).  And finally, hubby and I was able to get a pair of glasses there.

Mine was an Authentic Christian Dior.  Their selling price is Php 3k, and I haggled for it, giving me for only Php 2,500 (including multi-coated lens which is usually 1k on malls).  So, the frame itself only costs Php 1,500!  Imagine!  It was originally sold at optical shops for approximately Php 7,900 ++.  

Then hubby was able to choose his own pair.  It was RayBan.  Their selling price is Php 3,500, but we were able to haggle it for Php 2,500 also including a multicoated lens.  Meaning, the frame itself is only Php 1,500! That was indeed a big savings!

This particular frame is around Php 9 to 10k on malls.  Isn't it great?

I tried myself both of the frames, and they are excellent on comfort, quality and style:

And they also come with a free case and cleaner:

The staff as well are very courteous.  

Oh by the way, you can also see some "computerized eye examination" on these places.  I am just not so sure if there are "Authorized Optometrist" doing the tests.  But you can always have the option to buy the frames there and just have your eye evaluation on optical shops in malls.

My verdict?

You are paying the "patong", convenience, and well-ventilated, air-conditoned stores at the optical shops in malls.  But you get the same quality.  It just that you have to pay the price in getting there.  From U.P. Diliman, it took us 1 and a half hour travel time (using MRT-LRT), excluding the other way around.

Well, I better take the chance in going to Quiapo, than to pay 3X as much as the original price of the item.  One of the things I am thankful that I am living in the Philippines! Maybe if I get to win on a LOTTO, that's the time I won't mind going there.  



This post is not sponsored and was written as a sort of help to those who want to have cheaper eyeglasses.  This does not guarantee that you will be able to pick the authentic one, unless you are that eager to see most of the stores like me. Please take note that the ones I have purchased is at its good condition until now, and I am pretty much sure that the ones I have bought is Authentic :).  The reader has a free will to believe and not to believe the post I made, it is for you to find out if it is true or not.  You also have the option to resort on malls instead and wait for SALE, if you are not into bargaining and taking long walks. Commenting on this blog post is now closed.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

SOYAMI (so yummy) SNACKING: Guilty or not Guilty?

"Order in the court! Order in the court!"

The sound of the Judge's voice and gavel seems like a huge siren blowing in my ears.  I can't take it anymore.  Am I guilty of what???

The Judge stood up, saying:

"This is a civil case brought by THE BIG LEAGUE claiming that GRACE is liable for the injuries that THE BIG LEAGUE received in an uncontrollable weight gain caused by various snacks. THE BIG LEAGUE claims that GRACE negligently ate all sorts of snacks with empty calories, and that, as a result of the weight gain, THE BIG LEAGUE's health image was at stake and may influence every member, causing serious illnesses to everyone."

My heart dropped.  I just ate these snacks 'coz I am hungry.  Is it wrong to eat?  I am badly starving and due to frequent skipping meals and frustrations, I end up eating a lot of those.

The Judge said: 

" are GUILTY without reasonable doubt!"

If I could only bring back the time.  I am a plus size woman dealing with this serious problem of unable to resist snacking those bags of chips and sodas in between meals. 

I felt so all alone that day.  My eyes are wide open...I saw myself, teary-eyed looking on the four corners of the wall. A beautiful lady handed to me a bag of snacks.

"Are you serious?  Can't you see I'm sentenced because of those stuffs?"

"These are guilt-free", she said to me. Disappearing on my sight.  

I, showing a huge sign of relief, opened up my eyes.  It was all just a dream.

Could it be a mystery?

Days have passed and still I couldn't forget that dream.  Uneasy, struggling with my hunger, I headed my way to the nearby supermarket.

Wandering around, I accidentally dropped by a certain corner and saw these:

Could they be the one in my dreams?


I have been constantly in ON and OFF diet. Stress, deprivation on desserts/snacks, PMS cravings and frustrations are some of the many factors that affect my diet.  Recently, I just realized that I really need to get into serious  dieting.  I am having trouble on my stomach every time I ate too much, plus the danger of having serious illnesses because of overweight.  I have been reaching 160 lbs so I ended up doing major cleansing diet for weeks...excluding the NO RICE DIET at night and occasional FRUIT DIET.  Believe it or not, I am counting calories.  Right now, I have lost 20 lbs since then.

You know, I am a foodie mom who loves to cook everything, especially cakes and desserts (I have a very sweet tooth). It is really hard to manage your diet when you are the one cooking. 



Sometimes, I really can't help but to cheat on those desserts...worst, to cheat on the salty chips, especially when that time of the month is here. Guilty? Yes.  But it's the pleasure of eating snacks.

Because of the situation, I was forced to research healthy alternative snacks over the net.  I saw a bunch of them, but the problem is it is too costly and too hard to prepare (the ingredients are hard to find).  My list of snacks includes banana, gorp (trail mix of peanuts and raisins), oatmeal cookies and yogurts. SOYA is also included on my list.  I usually have TOFU and soymilk on our fridge. But my palate is still looking for those "distinct taste" a "junk food" has.  

Snacking without guilt + good taste = PERFECT SNACK!

Good thing I found SOYAMI. I first saw it when I am watching THE BIGGEST LOSER.  Come to think of it.  It was really the answer to my mystery dream haha!

SOYAMI has a nutritional value that is made with real soya, high in protein and no MSG!  It is high in calcium and 0g transfat!  Moreover, it's HALAL (meaning it fulfills Muslim's dietary rules).

                            SOYAMI ORIGINAL           SOYAMI PIZZA



It doesn't stop me from just eating those snacks alone. Although these SOYAMI snacks are really fun to eat, I decided to make these guilt-free snacking a one-of-a-kind:



Among the three flavors, I love PIZZA!  Its tangy taste tickles my taste buds, giving myself a pure snacking pleasure WITHOUT THE GUILT!

I told myself, from now on, these SOYAMI snacks will be my best buddy.  

A "must" to have SOYAMI in my bag everyday to avoid unexpected "junk food" cravings.

And mind you, for almost a month now, I have been munching this snack everyday, or every time I am hungry.  I see to it that I always have this awesome snack with me.

For the record & time being, after eating SOYAMI all this time, I even lost one pound on my weight!

Now standing confidently in my sexy outfit and a big smile, I came back into my dream, waiting for the Judge's verdict:

"...NOT GUILTY.  Case Dismissed!"