Monday, November 22, 2010


Haagen Dazs.....I can't live without you! :)
I am excited how I will indulge my fave flavors from this awesome ice cream :p
I won recently from HAAGEN-DAZS and Nuffnang's launching of Caramel Biscuit and Cream Contest.
I can still clearly remember this winning moment:

"Ding dong"
Finally the doorbell rang.
This is it.  My long awaited GCs from them.
Mr.Wilbert Galapon from Haagen Dazs, awarded personally the prize I have won from MELTING ME SLOWLY CONTEST administered by Nuffnang Philippines. 

Prizes includes:
Php 5000 worth of HAAGEN DAZS GCs
Apple Ipod Touch 8GB

My son is so excited with the Ipod Touch.  I'm sure it can help him progress his skills using some toddler applications.

By the way, i just found out, their mouth-watering & luscious Ice Cream Cake is really scrumptious ^_^

A long-lasting memory of Strawberry ice cream with strawberries, white chocolate marble, white chocolate shaving and whipped cream.
**Customize this cake according to your preferred choice of flavor at any of our shops.
For orders, please call +632 8821117.
Available only in the following branches: SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall Atrium, and Robinsons Place Manila
FLAVOR : Strawberry
AVAILABLE SIZE(S) : 1/2kg – 1kg
SERVES : 8 – 10 people (1/2kg), 12 – 16 people (1kg)

To see more varieties of this product, click HERE.

A heartfelt thanks.

Do visit HAAGEN DAZS Cafe at Megamall Atrium:

HAAGEN DAZS CAFE were also located at SM Mall of Asia and at Robinsons Place Ermita.

Do visit their website HERE.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reasonable price for a wedding gown:Great if you are on a budget

I checked my drawer this morning and I saw this big box...having all the items inside that reminds me that 2 years has already past.
Yeah, it's been 2 years since the last time I said "Yes I do".  Time flies really fast.  I even didn't notice it.
But I felt sad when I saw that the box is starting to collect all the dirt (of course, 2 years in the closet) and I even didn't manage to clean it because I was so busy being a full time WAHM (work at home mom) and a Mommy to a cute big toddler. ^_^
We don't have any good place for this and I don't want to put this gown on our storage room.
I was thinkin'....why not sell it on a reasonable price so that someone who is "on a budget wedding" can use it?
I think it's a great idea. :)
So, these are the details of the personalized wedding gown:

There are 3 layers of clothes on the lower part.
-Outer:  Chiffon
-Middle: Satin
-Inner: Lining cloth
Gown style: It was designed by me (ehem) hehehe
                     Inspired by empire dress design with details on the bust part and at the back.
Strap width: 1 cm
Bust part:
-Width on the bust part: 42 cms
-Width on the bust (lower part): 40 cms
-Height: 19 cms
Lower part of the gown (after the bust part):
-Length (front): 123 cms
-Length (back): 141 cms
Length (front): 85 cms
Length (back): approx. 220 cms (more or less)
*It can also be used as maternity wedding dress since it is empire cut (see the sizing).

Details of the gown (photos) 



(Whole gown snapshots)
Front part details

Back part details

(Detailed part snapshots)

The bids can be replaced with "SWAROVSKI" to make it more stunning (at your own cost ^_^)


Strap part


Post a comment for the price (negotiable for sure buyers).

Mode of payment:
Cash upon pick up
Sorry I don't deliver

You may comment and give your email or cellphone/landline on this blog so I could contact you.
I will give my address after negotiation is done.

Here some of the pictures of my wedding (of course showing my wedding gown) so that interested ones can have a peek on how it looked like on a photo shoot.

This is how it looked like when worn:

Oh by the way, our Wedding Photographer can be found here:


I want someone to be happy like me :)
So if you are currently on a budget and want to have a decent wedding gown, here it is.
Though these stuffs are just symbols, a true "happy marriage" is achieved if both persons knows how to give and take, understands each infirmities, and accepts all the flaws of one another.

Thanks for dropping by.
If you have questions don't hesitate to ask me :)
'Till then. ^_^