Monday, November 15, 2010

WHAM it up!

Tired of the usual burgers you used to order?  Do you want something special?  WHAM!  Burgers  is one of the new players in the Big Burger society.
I have tried it 2 years ago and just recently, I have this chance to visit one of their branches.  Rewarding ourselves for this awesome treat!

My hubby ordered the following:

KAPOW - Php 150.00
(1/3 pound beef, Salsa, Jalapino, American Cheese Slice)
The burger is about 5 to 6 inches in diameter.  Big enough for 2 persons (if you are not a big eater).  The patty is good.  It's tender and is best served with hot sauce (Tabasco).

FRENCH FRIES - Php 55.00
I must say their French Fries are great!  It's crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.  Relatively the price is just right.

I love sausages/franks so I decided to order this one:

(Mildly spicy Hungarian Sausage, Mayo)
The sausage is really great tasting!  I could say it is one of the juiciest sausage I have tasted so far on fast food chains.  Its spiciness and smokiness is incomparable.  It may come with a serving of a cheese (Php 112.00) but I think this alone rocks.

To conclude, WHAM! Burgers are best for those Burger-Lovers out there with big appetite, but on a budget.  

RATING: (out of 10-highest)
Taste:  9 (great taste, a different kick compared to others)
Price:   9 (price is right compared to the common fast food burgers)
Ambiance: 7 (the place is a bit smoky on that day, maybe because of the grilling process)
Service: 8 (few staff, but good service)

*My rating is how I tasted their food based on my experience*

WHAM!  Burgers

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  1. how u get invited? i oso wanna go.. next time got anything to do with food.. i wanna go.. ! hahaha... need to feed my fat maa

  2. Hi TikkoSS, nope I wasn't invited. I just invited myself to review their food hahaha! Anyway, you can always make your own review anytime on the places you want, and on the foods you eat :)
    I love food photography so I love doing stuffs like this ^_^
    Thanks for dropping by ^_^

  3. didnt like this that much. i rpefer army navy, brothers burger, kenny rogers ot tropical hut :)