Friday, July 22, 2011

My Top Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

I was born to be a singer, but not a blogger.  In my wildest dream I never thought that I will be one.  By profession, I am a programmer, who actually hates programming languages, but loves to talk, photograph, paint, sing and eat.  A typical office girl, who turned out to be a Work at Home Mom later on, and just recently doing nothing but be a chef in our home and a husband's princess taking care of our 2 year old toddler,  I started looking for things that can help me express my BLAHs in life.  I still remember my teenage years where my writings on the EDITORIAL page of our school paper be considered as a FEATURE article, and vice versa. That makes me really hate reading and writing.  But preferences of individual changes as time goes by. Out of boredom staying at home, I became active of different social networking sites until I found myself telling a story there about everything...that's the beginning of my blogging.  Lately, to my surprise, I won on 4 different blog contests in a matter of 4 months.  That makes me realize that BLOGGING is for everyone, as long as you write, express, read and listen to other's blahs in life, i think it will work out well. One more thing I learned from BLOGGING, it is a PASSION, not a job, nor a duty.  Just be YOURSELF when writing, and you even don't need to sound too technical in your writings (unless needed)  and you will go a very long way.  It is tantamount to say that on this journey of blogs, other's writings affects me (and perhaps even you). So now I am going to mention my Top Blogs that influenced me personally:

1. ECHUSERA - Your Showbiz and Entertainment Blog -  I find it entertaining, especially on my SUPER BOREDOM Moments.  I never failed to peek on this one, to brag the latest CHIKA to my showbiz-addictus peeps hahaha.
2. CERTIFIED FOODIES.COM - I am a "Certified Foodie" and I love food trip so I think I really don't need to explain why this blog has influenced me. :p
3. JINKY'S KITCHEN WORLDLately, I was inclined to cooking (late bloomer) since I love to eat, there comes a time that I thought I need to learn how to cook (for budget purposes).  That's the beginning of my cooking enthusiasm and this blog helped me a lot!
4. MOMMY SURVIVAL - I can relate to her posts.  This blog is recommended for those moms out there looking for an advice through the author's experience how to "survive" being a mom :).
5. MOMMY ON THE GO - (this blog)  My own diary.  A reflection of being a contest/promo/freebies addict. This blog started less than a year, and has won 4 times on a different blog contest.  This blog also influenced me to make a contest information Facebook fanpage for the benefit of my friends who keeps on asking me what are the ongoing contests.  :p
6. WHEN I'M HUNGRY - Yes, when I am hungry...I often visits this blog. Anything goes, snacks, foods featured as long as it isn't poisonous hehehe.
7.  BLOG-PH - I'm a KIKAY mom, here I found out nice tips about fashion :)
8. OPINYONEYTED.COM - This blog is one of the recent blogs added in my list.  I found it very interesting and entertaining. A mixture of personal point of views and recent happenings here and the fact that the owner of the blog is a very cheerful person :)  
9. BLOGGER'S JOURNAL - This blog is very helpful when it comes to blogging tips, facts and ideas.  A very helpful one for a blogger like me.
10. THE PEPPERRIFIC LIFE - A blog owned by a single mom, this one is indeed an inspiration on mom's like me on how to handle life's tough situations.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CERTIFIED FOODIES: First Anniversary Giveaway (Over Php 30k in prizes)

CERTIFIED FOODIES will be having their First Anniversary Giveaway and they are giving away over Php 30k worth of prizes!!!  Isn't that cool?  ^_^

Join Certified Foodies’ First Anniversary Giveway where you can win gift certificates, food gift packs, cash prizes and even a food trip date with the foodie siblings! To join, click on the banner above. And we’d like to thank these generous sponsors…

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All you have to do is follow the mechanics HERE.
This giveaway is until August 12.

I myself am a CERTIFIED FOODIE too (I so love desserts and pizzas ^_^) Eating (aside from singing & cooking) is my comfort zone, and anything goes as long as it isn't poisonous hahaha...but then, my love and appreciation for foods is a big deal to me for I believe that every meal has it's own yumminess and distinction, it's just a matter of how you appreciate it.  Foods are God's gift, so I treasure them every time it is served: 

Oh well, hopefully I will get the chance to have a foodtrip with Mhel and Ken teehee!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

FHM SEXIEST 2011 Victory Party goes BURLESQUE

FHM (For Him Magazine) Philippines annually celebrates a victory party for the hailed TOP 100 Sexiest.  In this year's event,  it was held at SMX Convention Center last July 14, where around 6,500 people gathered together to witness the beauty of the Filipina sexiness.  For this year, SAM PINTO was declared as the number 1 SEXIEST.  See list HERE.

I was one of the lucky persons who happens to get the chance to be in the show.  Tickets were not for sale and you can only get the chance to watch it through invites (although I only have a regular ticket).  Honestly, it was my first time to watch events like this, I even don't watch concerts because I hate falling in line and standing for longer hours.  But I told myself, why not give it a try?  So this is it.  Special thanks to BELO MEN for the tickets.

As per the ticket invites, it was supposedly to start at 7pm, but because of the long queue of line, we we're able to get inside the convention center around 8:30 pm.

As we enter the venue, you can see booths all over the place sponsored by BELO MEN, PREMIER MAX, PETRON ULTRON, RRJ, PLDT MyDSL, CITIZEN and SAN MIGUEL LIGHT.  They are giving away freebies in exchange of a dare.  :)  There also you can experience ultimate strip tease by the vixens. ^_^

The show started around 9:30 pm with a parade of sponsors' models where the audience will get a chance to vote for them through text. (The one with the highest votes will be featured in one of FHM's issue).

Then it was followed by presentations of some FHM TOP 100.  
 FHM July cover Eula Valdes (left-in gold attire) for the celebrity performance with Cabaret-inspired dance number

 FHM sexiest number 25 performed a CHAIR DANCE.  Michelle Madrigal did it well.

Daiana Menezes (top photo) did a pole dance number with Iwa Moto (not in the picture)

Cage & Tango Burlesque dance number done by Paw Diaz, Stef Presscott, Wendy Valdez and Jef Gaitan

Last celebrity performance was done by FHM Sexiest Number 19 Regine Angeles in a Sado-Masochist inspired dance number. (Sorry I wasn't able to take a photo of it)

The most awaited part of the show:  the presentation of TOP 100 Sexiest Pinays. ^_^  I am a bit frustrated 'coz I wasn't able to capture really good photos (I am only using NIKON D3000 with 18-55mm lens, no Image Stabilizer) and sad to say I am  far from the stage.  I ended up having blurred the fact that there's a lot of people in front of me so I wasn't able to capture all of the participants :(.  But anyway, this is the best shot that I got.  Please bear with my photos:
Top 100-Mercedes Cabral

Top 99-Jem Milton

Top 98-Gwyneth Ceridwen

Top 87-Saicy Aguila

Top 53-Wendy Valdez

Top 46-Eula Valdes

top 18-Bianca Manalo

Top 8-Iwa Moto

Top 6-Katrina Halili

Top 1-Sam Pinto

Last performance was done by the hailed sexiest Pinay in a red corset-type dress, Sam Pinto.

The show ended up after some of the FHM Top Sexiest and Sam ramp on the stage.

To see some of the photos, click HERE.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Economic crisis, famine, incurable diseases, food and water shortage...all of these we're just a "few" of what the whole world is facing.  In our country, it even gets worst as time passes by.  This is a call for a CHANGE, little actions that begins within ourselves.  It doesn't have to be big, it can really be simple.  Before we know it, that one becomes two, that two becomes four.....and then before we know it, problem has been almost solved.

That's the reason why lately, I have been a GREEN ADVOCATE (see my other blog posts) for I knew that it will be a help to save our Mother earth. Being a user of earth-friendly things is indeed wise, for it could save all of us.  

Now as prices are getting higher, all the commodities, I need to tighten my belt and look for alternatives, without causing harm to anybody.  Saving doesn't mean you need to buy "SUB-STANDARD" items, things or appliances, but instead, SAVING means "WISE-SPENDING."

What is WISE-SPENDING?  It is simply SAVING. You spend what you really need without sacrificing the things you want.  In these times of crisis, as electricity and water shortage is at hand, we need to spend wisely to save.  So instead of buying those old models of analog TVs for a lower cost (but emits radiations and adds carbon prints to the environment), why not buy a TV with energy-saving features?  It may sound a bit "costly" but the long-term effect makes the difference.

So timely I saw this OTTO Waterless Urinal - by Arrow Home Improvement Facebook Fan page and I learned that they are supporting a GREENER environment that can really help me save!  Established by Mr. Jerry Ong, Arrow Home Improvement was a company dedicated to personal service and fair prices.  On a country who is experiencing limited water for these past few years, having such an eco-mind & innovation is great. First in the Philippines, this European technology developed and shared selflessly can save not only me, but these can save a lot of people!  

Now, getting back to the issue, water problem is one of the major dilemma here and abroad.  Like a cancer that seems to be incurable, it varies from the following:
-water shortage
-water supply bills
-unclean/unsafe drinking water
-leaking water pipes

This year, water shortage in the country is believed to worsen: 
Photo courtesy of

San Miguel Corporation President Mr. Ang said on an interview with The Philippine Daily Inquirer, "We may run out of water in the near future.  All it takes is for one earthquake to damage Angat Dam" (Source: For a country surrounded by water, it is quite ironic for the Philippines to be threatened by water scarcity. Scary huh?!?

Water is the most precious natural resource on Earth. Therefore, it is then a moral imperative to preserve it for our future survival. On the contrary, this precious resource seems to be carelessly used by a lot of people in the urban. People tends to contribute without really being aware of it. Imagine how many people uses toilet flush a day...this is the most frequent activity done inside a comfort room.  Every flush consumes 5 to 7.5 gallons of water! (depends on the type of toilet bowl, for older types uses more). That's nearly 40% of water consumed a day!  Come to think of it, a lot of Filipinos in the rural and remote areas we're having water scarcity.
On my case, using the comfort room is the very first thing I do every morning and my last stopover before going to bed. I frequently pee, around 8 to 10 times a day.  That's a lot of flushing! (which is proven an epic fail in terms of SAVING)

Hubby and I decided to do something about it.  We tried innovating our toilet bowl by putting a plastic bottle filled with water  (preferably 1.5 liter soda bottles).  In this way, we can save 1.5 liters per flush activity, for toilets only need 4 gallons at most to get a good, clean flush.  
Cistern photo courtesy of Squidoo

Photo courtesy of Green School Resources
(Hippo Bag as a water-saving device as a part of their campaign:

But on our home, sad to say, that's not enough because of some existing problems on the cistern.  I hate foul and stinky toilets, so I am left with no choice but to use a flush every time I pee.

As I go along on Arrow Home Improvement Website, I started to see these pictures with the slogan "Waterless is more."  At that very moment, I am really troubled on our own toilet bowl...I wonder what will our dog think when she saw our toilet bowl for she thinks it's kinda drinking water station (because it's water is free-flowing every time the flush is used incorrectly).

As you can see, these are the common problems of a toilet bowl...damaged stopper that causes the water flow continuously.

Arrow did it well!  They have these ARROW WATER SAVER (The Economical Model) that uses the technology of 4/2 Dual flushing system.  It has the following amazing features:

For sure our water bill will be half lower than before if we are going to use it.  That's a lot of savings!

Another product that stands out is the WATERLESS URINAL.  

An Earth friendly Urinal
(Market selling price:  P8200.00 complete with all the fittings , rubber bushings, key, bracket and 250 ml OTTO lock sealant)

OTTO waterless urinals have been specifically engineered to function without water. The European design of the urinal is very simple and efficient. Unlike other urinals, OTTO waterless urinal does not require expensive and proprietary cartridges, bladders, inserts, siphons, mechanical parts, microbial blocks or deodorizing tablets. It delivers the lowest long term cost of ownership and value for money.  

High quality finish and modern clean European design, this urinal is ceramic made and white in color. It is best and suitable for commercial offices, restaurants, hotels, pubs & clubs. 

The urinal’s cartridge is made cheaper and Re-usable (unlike the one used in hotels & restaurants which are disposable). That will really save our money for good.  Imagine, 45,000 gallons of water per year can be no need to buy those disposable cartridges. And ever wonder if it will stink? 

Nah. it comes with an OTTOLOCK: it is a biodegradable odor locking fluid poured into the water trap that floats on the surface of the urine which creates a perfect seal.  No more stinky & foul urine & waste sewers' odors. 
Photo courtesy of  My Very Worst Roommate

That's what I am pointing out before. SAVING means SPENDING WISELY on the things needed, like urinals for public  places and even on your very own home. And mind you, not all waterless urinals are the same.  Always look for a Proudly Pinoy made waterless urinal:  OTTO.  Teehee!

Proudly Pinoy!

Spending on these WATERLESS URINALS is worth trying:

-re-usable cartridge technology
-Biodegradable blocking fluid
-cylinder housing
-optimized interior design

-easy to clean

-no flush bulb repairs

What more can I ask for?  This is really genius!

Oh sorry for that.  I was wrong when I said it.  There is still one thing that I needed to ask more: our government should spend on these kind of technologies and put up waterless urinals on public toilets all over the country.  That's 150,000 liters of water per year!!!  Now that is WISE SPENDING of the national's budget that can surely ease water shortage and save millions.  ^_^

So, it's time to:

their Fan Page



Come and help me do this

pread the good news!  Let these
wesome and
nnovation from ARROW HOME IMPROVEMENT help everyone
urture and save our earth from Water Shortage by being an advocate of living in a
reener way!


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