Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Call of Duty: No Retreat, No Surrender with OFF-Lotion

Worry-free Bonding

Working 24/7. No day-offs, no time-outs. I am pretty sure our moms out there will agree with me that being a mom is a work with no salary but with rewarding benefits. ☺ No corporate position could replace these benefits we had. 

Reporting for duty! Here's another day. I have to work at home and face a bunch of challenges. As you see, being a mom of two isn't a joke. I had one 7-yr old child with special needs (he is a miracle baby and was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 6). I had 2 consecutive miscarriages (but we still didn't lose hope to have another child) and now, our own rainbow baby (3-month old baby who surpassed a very high-risk pregnancy for nine long months). 
These two beautiful boys of mine, Gav and Ethan, completes my world. They are the air I breathe.

Given these circumstances, I guess it is natural for a mom like me to be extra careful on them. I make sure they are always safe and sound all the time, even during our playtime bonding. I make sure that they are always protected and shielded from all harm, sickness and even from mosquito-borne diseases. This is made possible with 

-FF Lotion, wherein complete protection
-rom mosquito-borne diseases is
-ully avoided,

-eaving each mom like me, worry-free and always
-n the go! 
-hanks OFF-LOTION! 
-t makes an
-n duty wondermom to accomplish her task and
-ever quits for her sons, no matter what the situation is!

Now we can have our playtime bonding worry-free and more enjoyable!

Indeed, my lifesaver all throughout the day, even at night!

See? My peaceful babies and a peaceful mommy! Teehee!

No retreat, no surrender with OFF-Lotion! An accomplished supermom on duty! Woohoo!

How about you? What's your worry-free story? 
Feel free to share yours! Who knows, you might get yourself an armour of worry-free bonding with OFF-LOTION