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St. Lukes Medical Center Global City: One of the best hospitals

Health is wealth. I personally believed in this saying. I know how it feels to be always confined and be surrounded by doctors and nurses for a couple of days. *sigh* (sad to say, I often got hospitalized). 

First, I was confined due to my polycystic-like changes (1 cm, 12 in number) on my left ovary wayback July 2012. Then come January 16, 2013 (my birthday!), I lost my second child at 7 weeks to be exact (and I need to be confined again (sniff, sniff). Lately, I was diagnosed with an inflammed gallbladder and needs to undergo laparoscopic cholecystectomy by 27th of September, 2013 (it's our 5th year Wedding Anniversary). To make it short, I was such a lucky person to get all of these important dates of my life and celebrate in the hospital. T_T
Going back, I was scheduled to have my surgical operation at St. Luke's Medical Center. (Please take note that I have my own Health Insurance Card, MAXICARE and have it coordinated first at the MAXICARE department of St. Luke's, a week prior to my confinement). 

I am really scared to death. It is my first time to undergo a major operation and be put to sleep for more than 2 hours.
Two o-clock in the afternoon, I was admitted.  I am nervous but at the same time, amazed on how the lobby looked like. I can tell that it resembles a lobby of a hotel.

Then after 30 minutes, all is set and I was accompanied by someone to go into my room and orient me what are the things inside my room (private room-regular), I remember I am confined at the South Wing of the hospital.

Here's how the room looks like:
Upon entering, I saw my name was immediately placed on the door opening.

The room is cozy, I have my own refrigerator:

My own Samsung TV with Remote and a DVD player:

A look out window where I can see clearly the road and the buildings.

Other parts of the room:

Comfort Room:

Medical Kit:

Cabinet provided:

I like their safe box:

Nicely presented and sumptuous meals (on my case, I have a diet to follow because of my upcoming surgery):

                   Diet Card(September 27, 2013)

                Feedback Form (September 27, 2013)

                                                Merienda (September 27, 2013)

                     Dinner(September 27, 2013)

                    Lunch (September 28, 2013)

By 10 pm, the nurses asked me to take a bath using their Anti-Bacterial Liquid Soap.

I really can't forget how I felt when they put an IV on me (i was literally crying, I am afraid of needles).  It was 5 am.

Come 7 am, they moved me on the other floors where I will be getting a needle test (forgot the exact term, please bear with me, I am really nervous that time) to check if I have an allergy on the medicines and anaesthesia that will be put on me.  (Please take note that I was advised not to eat nor drink any liquid for 7 hours before the operation). Then I was put in the recovery area to wait for my anaesthesiologist.

After the needle test, the anaesthesiologist came, orienting me what are the procedures for the anaesthesia.  I just learned that on top of the anaesthesia that I will be inhaling (to make me dizzy), they will be putting a tube on my mouth up to the larynx.  I was like "OH MY GOSH!"  But it was explained to me that I won't feel anything that time. I will just feel a little irritation on my throat after the surgery. Haha.

My surgery was scheduled 9 am.  But unfortunately, my surgeon is late that time due to unforseen events.  He arrived 11 am.

Come 11:30 am, I was brought to the operating room.  My heart pumps faster, I swear!  I felt like I wanna pass out. >_< I immediately saw Dr. Crisostomo Arcilla, Jr., smiling at me and telling me things will gonna be fine. 

I was immediately transferred to a surgical bed, removing all of my clothes underneath, and replacing it with a surgical gown. They wrapped my both arms (this is to avoid uneccesary /involuntary movements that I might do during surgery). The last thing I could remember is that the Anaesthesiologist was giving me a plastic mask with air coming out.  I could still remember that last words she told me, "you will get dizzy".  Then I was put into sleep.

The next thing that happened is I remember myself shaking/chilling that much, and a painful sensation on my tummy while being transported to the recovery room again (around 3:30 pm) and someone responded to me saying "Are you in pain, can you rate it from 1 to 10, 10 as the highest?). So even in pain, chilling and hardness of breathing, I told them, "I am in pain, 10, and giniginaw ako!"  Someone assisted me by giving me a heat blanket, and gave me a pain reliever via IV. After 10 minutes, the pain is still there (I have a very low tolerance in pain), so they gave me another dose (a higher one) of pain reliever.  This time, the pain subsides a bit. They were asking me about the pain form time to time, until such time that the pain is already manageable.  I am so happy with the service I got.  It gives me comfort.

I was brought to my room, 5 pm to be exact. I remember my hubby showing me the stones that was gotten from me and was shocked how big are they!

I still got these gas pains (they told me I have CO2 gas on my stomach needed to inflate it during the laparoscopic surgery). The pain really unexplainable.  I was unable to sleep that night. (I have shoulder and back pains)

I only have one comment on some of the nurses, some of them will leave my IV empty, making my wrist painful (for not responding immediately to replace the bag of fluids).  But nevertheless, the facility and services I got was awesome!

On the 3rd day, I felt like I can leave the hospital already. Therefore, I asked my hubby (who is there all the way assisting me), to get the Statement of Account:

After deduction of the PHILHEALTH and SSS, our total bill is:

I want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Crisostomo Arcilla, Jr. for taking care of me. In fact, his professional fee is not that high, considering he is one of the best surgeons doing the laparoscopic cholecystectomy. (He is one of the Board Members & former President  of PALES-Philippine Association of Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgeons).

He is also affiliated at PGH & Asian Hospital.

Likewise,  they have a very good customer service.  When the MAXICARE Physician failed to give to me the records I needed, they sent me via LBC straight to my home the Medical Records, same with my email.

I will definitely recommend St. Luke's Medical Center Global City!  It is definitely one of the best!


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