Friday, October 29, 2010

Thank you TOBLERONE: 365 days Thank You Survey Contest

     There's a lot of reasons to be thankful in our lives.  Let's give thanks to those who have been a part of it,  to our loved ones, and most of all, to our Creator.

Whoooaaaa! I have it: DKNY Be Delicious Giveaway

Yay!  I am one of the lucky 50 Nuffnangers who has made it to the list of those who will get freebies from DKNY's Be Delicious Perfume and Lotion ^_^.

I Commit 2 Change: A Great Start for a Lifetime Commitment

I want progress.

I hate regress.

I want improvement.

I hate deterioration.

I need to move.

I want a CHANGE.

I need to answer this CALL FOR A CHANGE. *<---CLICK this link to see*
I want to COMMIT and change for the better...NOW!

Take a look how I SPELLED out this PANTENE 14-day CHALLENGE "I COMMIT 2 CHANGE" to attain the hair I ever wanted in my entire life...

A Call for a Change: My 14-day Commitment with PANTENE

Decisions in life are complicated....but there's one thing that I just found out lately ^_^ Committing for a change isn't. I learned that I just need commitment for a change to solve my dilemma, and I strongly believe that I made the right decision. What pushed me to do such a thing? Aarrrgh, having a bad hair day...EVERYDAY! It's not a new thing to me since the time I started dyeing my hair. I tend to pull up my hair everyday just to avoid seeing my hair problems:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Total Treat for a Hard Days' Work

Working at home is a no laughing matter. Being a WAHM (Work at Home Mom) with a baby boy, it is really very hard to balance my lifestyle, do my household chores (especially that I do not have any house helper for a week now), plus I need to work on some sort of things, while my toddler keeps on bugging me for so many things. At the end of the day, I found myself so tired and it seems that all I wanna do is just sleep for a week.
This is my everyday routine. I need to have discipline while working. Being a virtual assistant is a serious and exciting career that requires a lot of effort, initiative and determination. Likewise, working on a foreign national is indeed a very challenging task due to language barrier. Sometimes, I found myself frowning due to stress.

A Night of Bright Smiles by Clarity

Clarity’s passion for beauty was embraced on last Saturday’s White Party at the 5th level, Shangri La Plaza Mall.

Participants of Clarity’s Passion to make you smile came in together with their family and friends in white as they celebrated their success over other bloggers who posted the photo that makes them smile for the promo via Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center’s Facebook fanpage.


I have started dieting & those Ab Crunches 2 weeks ago,  and was already on my 2nd day of water therapy, and this morning, I was surprised that my weight drops down to 149 lbs (meaning I have lost 5 lbs.).  Actually, parang di ko nga napapansin, kase, there’s no significant changes akong nakikita.

Trimming down those calories

Having a slender, sexier body is one of my goals this year.  I have gained 20 kls after giving birth to my firstborn.  My daily routine:  Eat with no exercise, work on a desktop.  And tadaaaa! Results to OVERWEIGHT.  I really miss those times that I am able to wear those mini skirts, mini shorts, tank tops, cute mini dresses…arrggh,  it’s really disappointing to see my new appearance.  Good thing, my hubby still loves me (I am still attractive to him), but i won’t take it for granted.  Definitely, working from home is not a license for a mom to be so called LUMBA LUMBA/LOSYANG” in the future.  I hate this thing.