Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have started dieting & those Ab Crunches 2 weeks ago,  and was already on my 2nd day of water therapy, and this morning, I was surprised that my weight drops down to 149 lbs (meaning I have lost 5 lbs.).  Actually, parang di ko nga napapansin, kase, there’s no significant changes akong nakikita.
Glad to see this positive changes…kase lately, I am almost desperate on taking HERBALIFE (usually it costs Php 2500 ++ para sa starter kit for 1 month)…pero dahil costly, nagdadalawang isip ako.
Pero sa totoo lang, nothing beats losing weight in a natural way.  Mabagal, mahirap, matagal, pero I believe that the effect is promising!  Naniniwala kase ako na ang lahat ng bagay na mabilis nakuha, madali ring mawawala.  Noon kase, I was fooled by those slimming coffee, etc. and nothing was happened.  I have nothing against those fitrum , slenda, etc.,  but if you will not do something to control your diet,  wala din.  Kadalasan, yung mga  so called appetite suppressant will be effective on the time you are taking it, but at the time you stopped,  kaboom!  Your weight will be doubled, worst, mas bibigat ka pa. :p
Pero if you have the money, go for it (XENICAL) unless you can handle oily renal discharges.  REDUCTIL?  Yes, a very effective appetite suppressant but will keep you awake til midnight. And once you have stopped it, be ready for the rebound weight increase.
Sabi nga, “Kung walang Tiyaga, Walang Nilaga”.
I  will be continuing having a healthy lifestyle by eating more fruits/vegetables instead of unhealthy snacks, more fish/chicken instead of pork, and water instead of sodas/fruit juices, even after reaching my goal weight.  In the long run, it will make my life healthier than ever, away from cancer and sickness.

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