Friday, October 29, 2010

I Commit 2 Change: A Great Start for a Lifetime Commitment

I want progress.

I hate regress.

I want improvement.

I hate deterioration.

I need to move.

I want a CHANGE.

I need to answer this CALL FOR A CHANGE. *<---CLICK this link to see*
I want to COMMIT and change for the better...NOW!

Take a look how I SPELLED out this PANTENE 14-day CHALLENGE "I COMMIT 2 CHANGE" to attain the hair I ever wanted in my entire life...

You may click on each letter(s) of the "bulleted phrase" I COMMIT 2 CHANGE to go through on my day to day commitment or just scroll down ^_^

  • I - My 1st day
  • C - My 2nd day
  • O - My 3rd day
  • M - My 4th day
  • M - My 5th day
  • I - My 6th day
  • T - My 7th day
  • 2 - My 8th day
  • C - My 9th day
  • H - My 10th day
  • A - My 11th day
  • N - My 12th day
  • G - My 13th day
  • E - My 14th day

My 1st day commitment
t's my first day using PANTENE HAIRFALL damaged hair was waiting for a big change soon! Look! Even my son was excited to see my new look :)
Oh by the way, the product really smells good.
I'm soooo excited too hahaha!

My 2nd day commitment
an this be true? My hair is a bit different as early as the 2nd day!!!
Of course, I tested my hair to see if it is starting to improve. :p
After that, this is how my hair looks like:
And after combing my hair a bit, TADAAAA!:
Isn't it awesome? Unexpected for my second day commitment. ^_^
Until then!

My 3rd day commitment
h my gosh! Frizziness, tangles and dullness were minimized even it's only the third day of using PANTENE!
Look at my hair! I can even see the difference right after my bath!

See it's tangle-free!!! It only took me 1-2 minutes to comb my hair (before i was doing it for 10 minutes). Amazing!

What's more surprising, my hair has less hairfall....

...It's so soft and smooth compared before. ^_^

My 4th day commitment
aking the best out of my hair changes on it's 4th day!
I can still clearly remember those times that I need to be careful on my movement after every comb. I was so hesitant to lay down on bed, go out and ride on a jeepney, etc. (Of course, I don't want to mess up my hair after half an hour of combing and ironing). Looks like I am a paranoid at that time and I really hate this thing. :/

Now, no more worries for my hair!

Just a few combings and see:

Life is way better this time :)

My 5th day commitment
y 5th day towards a new hair look!
Time flies so fast! I haven't noticed that I am already on my fifth day of committing to PANTENE!

By the way, here's how my hair looks like now:

Shiny & smooth (but not as straight as I want it to be).... Well, not bad on its 5th day :)

Again, here's Dr. Mommy to check it's flexibility:

Then after combing my hair a bit:

I was amazed.

My 6th day commitment
t has been 6 days of my commitment.. I'm gettin' excited!

How's my hair?

Now I can do any pose I want...I am more confident now!!! lolz :p

My 7th day commitment

aking the next step.......intense determination for a hair renewal on my 7th day!

I realized that to be able to completely have a big change on my hair, I need to set rules on the things I need to avoid and to do. And that includes having right diet, which I believe contributes on having a nice hair. :)

I'm so glad that I am already halfway on my commitment ^_^

A big YES.
I don't like going outside because I am worried that my hair will be damaged by the sun.  Not until I trust PANTENE.

And now I am definitely loving the lens  ^_^

'Coz the camera loves me and of course, my hair.


My 8th day commitment

more three-day sleep plus one, i am just a few steps away from the big change.

Did you notice the difference? Isn't it promising?

My 9th day commitment

an't wait to have an extraordinary hair!
Years has passed. I haven't seen my hair glow and shine (except when I am having my cellophane treatment haha!) just like this until I used the All-New PANTENE! And take note, it's only my 9th day using it!
I can't explain the happiness and contentment I am getting now ^_^
See it for yourself too :)

My 10th day commitment

ow nice to see i am having lesser and lesser hair fall in just 10 days!
Before, it is really an eyesore to see falling hair....everywhere! Even while I am still shampooing.


Hairfall is almost gone!

My 11th day commitment

wesome changes, i am now more confident in going out with my family!
Inferiority complex. One of the outcomes of having a bad hair day. I am uneasy dealing with people and going out with friends for an all-out party. I believe that our hair is our crowning glory, so it is tantamount to say that this is the reflection of our first impressions to people. This dilemma brought me to stay inside the shell.

After 11 days of using the All New PANTENE, I have now this confidence.

This event is a white party held at SHANGRILA MALL.

This is our last stop after our visit at Serendra (for a photo shoot).

Well, all I can say is that nothing beats a FAMILY DAY OUT :)

This photo is a candid shot from the party:

Sexy Mommy ^_^

It seems that I am now ready for a gimik! hahaha :p

My 12th day commitment

o more BAD HAIR DAY from now on :)
As far as I could remember, I always wake up in the bad mood...:(

Now, every morning is waking up full of hope and vision, ready for the day's challenges.

'Coz now, I have the great hair in every way I want it :)

And guess what?!?  Later that afternoon, my best friend and I immediately have our bonding somewhere in Bonifacio High Street ^_^

Ready to pamper ourselves for a SPA.

Now I can say I am really a MOMMY on the GO!!!

My 13th day commitment

ee! It's the 13th day of my commitment and my hair is almost perfect!

PANTENE makes me feel I am a hair commercial model. :)
Well, let's see :p

My preference was changed!
Before:  Just want to stay inside the house all the time.
Today:  Aaah forget what I did before.
            I am a different person now :)

I owe it to you PANTENE!

My 14th day commitment

nd of the 14-day trial of PANTENE! Exquisite hair stability that stands out among others. But it doesn't mean that I will stop using PANTENE. Today is just the START of the NEW & GREAT BEGINNING!
Wanna see the proof of the BIG CHANGES on my hair?


Hair is as carefree as the wind ^_^

Hair shines!!!

Dramatic changes that cannot be found in others.

Hmmmnn, I feel like I am now ready to show to everyone how this product changed my hair.

This is it! hihihihihi :)

Feel free to see this video of mine :)

My life has changed just like how my hair was transformed!


Definitely I have no regrets when "I Commit 2 Change" with the All-New PANTENE!

This is my OFFICIAL ENTRY for the 14-Day Commitment with PANTENE.


  1. love how your hair swings, sashays and dances! i can feel that an ipad is just a breath a way! advance congrats! blessings!

  2. Thanks dear! Hopefully for the IPAD hahaha.
    Goodluck to us :)