Monday, October 24, 2011

Eyelash Extensions: Get Polished did it well!

I was born with short and thin eyelashes.  I envy those with long, thick and curly lashes.  I tried using different mascaras, but most of the time they smudge when I perspire, and it's really a hassle especially when I go out in a hurry.  Imagine seeing myself like this:

Eeer, looks like I belong to them. 

So I end up curling it with an eyelash curler.  And it hurts @_@.

For so long this has been my dilemma.  Not until I have received a GC from GET POLISHED courtesy of my good friend (Thanks sis. Joy!!!)

Knowing GET POLISHED, from the name itself, it sounds like this is more of a SPA/Manicure/Pedicure thingy. (Take note they offer waxing too).  I came across their services and I saw "EYELASH EXTENSION."

I told myself, why not give it a try. (You know I am a risk taker, it's my very first time & I dunno how would I look like after this treatment haha)

So my hubby & I headed our way to GET POLISHED LOYOLA HEIGHTS KATIPUNAN.

As we enter the place, I can feel it's coziness and the ambiance is perfect for relaxation:

I decided to get the following services:
Me:  Eyelash Extension (Php 550.00)
Hubby: GP Hand Spa (Php 200)
           GP SPA Pedicure (Php 300 ++) if you'll have the add on services.

Hubby took more or less an hour to finish that service which includes:
Hand: Luxurious soak, Callus Removal, Aromatic Salt Scrub & Relaxing Massage
Feet: Luxurious soak, Callus Removal, Aromatic Salt Scrub, Pedicure (no polish) & a Relaxing Massage.

Hubby even told me, "Magaling sila sa Pedicure, halos di ko naramdaman. Kapag ako nga nagpepedicure sa sarili ko nasasaktan pa ako." 

Too bad I wasn't able to see all of those, for my eyes were closed during our stay there, because of the EYELASH EXTENSION procedure. :p


This is how my eyelashes/eyes looked like before the procedure:

Before Eyelash Extensions procedure

The procedure will start by putting an ample amount of Petroleum Jelly under my eyes, just below the lower lashes.  This is to prevent the micropore plaster from hurting my skin.  This plasters will prevent my lower lashes to go up and get stuck from my upper lashes.

Then the head tip of a single 11mm lash strands will be soaked on an eyelash  glue & then placed on one part of the lashes, alternating with the 10mm strands. The procedure will be repeated until all of the lashes (approximately 70 individual strands per eyes) is completed.

Individual 11mm thick lashes

Eyelash glue used 
(I intentionally erased the name for Get Polished Nail Spa's privacy)

10mm & 11mm pre-curled, extra thick black lashes
(I intentionally erased the name for Get Polished Nail Spa's privacy)

At first, I was really nervous for I have a very small tolerance for pain. But I was told by Angel (the one who did the eyelash extensions thingy on my eyes) that the procedure won't hurt.  I just felt a little sting ('coz I was trying to open my eyes which shouldn't be done during the procedure) and a bit of itchiness, but it won't last long.

I personally choose this one, they have other choices of lashes, thicker & longer, but since this is my first time, and my lashes are really thin, I assume this is the best one for me.  Regardless of the lashes used, all of the service fee are the same.

After all of the extension lashes were done, I just waited for a while, the staff removed the micropore plaster and tadaaa!

After Eyelash Extensions procedure

Sounds funny, but at that very moment, I feel like "ANG GANDA GANDA KO!  Promise!" It seems I am totally a different person na lolz.

This is my dream, to have beautiful lashes.  I kept on bragging it to hubby until we get home. Hihihi.

I was told that they are offering a FREE RETOUCH within 4 days after the first procedure was done. I just noticed that there were around 4 to 5 strands that fell out from my eyes during the first 3 days, so I ask them to have it retouched.  To my surprise, my lashes looks even better now.  Weeee!

Note: Eyelash Extensions needs to be carefully cleaned (after care procedure).  It can be washed,
but needs to do the washing of face upwardly. Strictly no oils, no pulling, no mascaras. 

Generally eyelash extensions will last for approximately 3 to 4 weeks (depending on how you take care of it), and needs to be retouched every now and then. Retouch costs around Php 200. Not bad for those who are really not used to eyelash extensions, on budget & just beginning to enjoy it.

So there you go.  If you are looking for an eyelash extension service at a lower cost with relatively a better service than others, GET POLISHED is best for you. 


My Review: (This is based on my observation & experience)
(1 to 10, 10 being the highest)
Place/Location:  9 (accessible if you're near from Paranaque, Timog and Loyola Heights
Ambiance: 9 (air conditioned, not crowded, enough space for everyone)
Service: 10 (the staff are nice & polite)
Cost: 10 (much cheaper compared to others)
Quality: 9 (the quality is FAIR ENOUGH for the price, especially on SPA Manicure/Pedicure. Just don't expect the best on eyelash extensions, for other salons are offering much more like higher numbers of light-weight individual lashes, use of collagen eye masks, etc)

Friday, October 21, 2011

My eyes deserves a makeover get up from CUBIK EYEWEAR

Ever since I was in Grade four I started using eyeglasses...not for fashion but because I needed it.  I was diagnosed with astigmatism that time (only my right eye) so I was having a hard time reading.  I was even branded to be "nerdy" because of this glasses but I have no choice but to wear those.

My class picture (Grade 4) - I have a big forehead yikkes

My class picture (Grade 6)

Eventually my astigmatism worsens, so I continually use it until my early adulthood.  

As the years passed by, I came to realize that wearing eyeglasses can be a "trend of fashion" and not a burden.  I started looking for those funky, girly and sophisticated eyeglasses to match my needs.  But most of them costs too much.

Photos during my younger years

You know, I am a "KIKAY" girl (or should I say KIKAY MOM) who doesn't want to sacrifice my looks because of prescription glasses (forget about those "nerdy looks") 'coz I knew that wearing eyeglasses can still be fashionable. ^_^

Oh, I do also love wearing sunglasses:

Da who?: Sunglasses whore

Isn't it obvious?

A pose on my 36th week pregnancy (5 days before I gave birth)

Going back to the topic...but because of budget constraints, I end up wearing those "not so fashionable eyeglasses" 'coz I needed it for my nature of work.  I have been constantly in front of a computer, so wearing eyeglasses is a necessity.

 I really looked haggard and nerdy here, eeew :p

And now that I am already a mom, I continually wear prescription glasses:

For the record, I have been using these eyeglasses for 3 years @_@

And there's a lot of scratches now :(

Good thing I happen to saw this CUBIK EYEWEAR BLOGGING CONTEST!  A heaven's sent hope!

I just might win Cubik eyewear simply by joining the Cubik Eyewear Blogging Contest! *crossing fingers*

So lovin' this particular design of CUBIK EYEWEAR prescription glasses (i love pink), the CUBIK 946 C2.

My tantalizing eyes deserves a makeover get up from CUBIK EYEWEAR for they are providing one of the best eyewear.  I'm talking about affordability, quality and style. CUBIK EYEWEAR follows standards by allowing only licensed opticians and ophthalmologists to order prescription eyewear. Isn't it awesome?

I love my eyes.  I am using it for my work, for my blogging, for seeing beautiful things beyond the lens.  That's why my eyes deserves to be pampered.

I'm gonna call all the fairy Godmothers and angels to help me grant my wish as an early Christmas gift. ^_^


Friday, October 7, 2011

Curlformers: New Revolution in Perming Hair

Ever since I was a child, I love to have a curly hair.  From those zigzag, spiral & telephone wire I have tried all of those.

PERM:  A series of waves in the hair made by applying heat and chemicals.

Types Of Hair Perms

Body perm are just that. The body perm gives you volume, body and movement. A square shape face works well with this type of perm.
Root perm adds lift and volume only to the root area. It gives height and fullness. Root perms are ideal for short hair. The heart shaped face works well with this perm.
Pain curl perm gives soft, natural waves which are achieved by perming small sections of the hair that have been pinned into pre-formed curls. The pain curl perm works great with any shape face.
Stacked perm is great for one-length haircuts, it gives curl and volume. Depending on the thickness of the rod used, you can achieve a tight curl or a lose curl.
Spiral perm creates a romantic curl by winding the hair around special curler. This will create your hair to look fuller and much thicker. The spiral perm works great on oval-shaped faces.


People always tend to joke "Why do people with straight hair wanted it permed, and why those who have permed hair want it straight?" That's the harsh reality of life. ;p  People always look for new things.  We want to try what's "in" or "new". Others consider it as an expression of going out of the shell.

When I am on my teenage days, I have looked for alternatives how to perm my hair without undergoing my crowning glory to chemicals.  I have tried using magnetic, sponge, bendable and even regular rollers of all sizes and shapes to make my hair curl temporarily.

For so long I have been looking for other ways to make those sexy curls in an easy way. Luckily I found this option of using springy curls.

These are called CURLFORMERS:

Photo from D. Sandeen, licensed to 2009

-Short & Narrow: blue and green
-Long & Extra Wide: yellow & magenta
-Long & Narrow: blue and green
-Extra Long & Wide: pink and orange

I have been trying to look for Curlformers over the web and found those U.S. made around 40 pcs, price ranging from 40 to 50 usd (excluding shipping fee).  I want to try at first how does it work, but I am currently on a budget which means spending more right now is not a good idea.  

Luckily, I saw this so called "MAGIC LEVERAGE (Curlformers Asian Version)" on Facebook.  This time, it is cheaper and affordable.  I told myself, why not give it a try?


Oct: 3, 1:30pm: I received the package.

1:40 pm: Started looking on the details of the packaging, items inside and how to use.

packaging carton


consists of 9 pcs large size (11 inches when straightened)
& 9 pcs small size (7 inches when straightened)

 1 pc magic leverage hook (spelled leverag on them)

hook when placed together

manual/instructions how to use

1:45 pm: Preparation for my hair prior to the curling.

 my hair before using curlformers

applied REVLON's CURLS DESIGNER to give extra hold (you may use mousse)

sectioned my hair into two

1:50 pm: Started using curlformers.

Holding the handle, feed the curlformer on to the styling hook.

Starting at the nape of the neck, and with the rest of your hair clipped out of the way, take a small section of hair approximately half an inch (mine I did it 1 inch).  Give it a quarter turn twist, and holding the handle higher than the hook, slip the twisted section into the hook. Using your thumb and index finger, squeeze open slightly the end of the curlformer closest to the scalp, enabling you to draw the hook back through the curlformer.

I started working with it to all of the sections of my hair.

But the curlformers I bought is intended for short hair, I started using it in other ways (I combined the two curformers per section).
If you have a short hair, apply all of the curlformers in this way, working from the back of the head through the sides and top to the front.

2:30 pm: Started using curlformers in other ways.

 used the smaller curlformers first

then followed by the longer one

to complete the first part of the first section :)

Sounds too hard for you?  Here's a better demonstration:

3:00 pm: All are into place.  

3:05 pm: Tried peeping after 5 minutes.

3:10 pm:  I tried changing my clothes to see how strong do curlformers hold into my hair...and guess what? The curlformers are still intact and in place :) Then I tried peeping after 10 minutes.

3:15 pm: Tried peeping after 15 minutes.

3:16 pm: Waiting time begins.  You can even sleep with it!

7:00 pm:  Removing the curlformers.

To remove it, use your thumb and index finger to squeeze open the end closest to the scalp.  At the same time, use your free hand to unfurl the curlformer and gently remove from the hair.  Don't worry for it won't disturb the curl and it will spring back into place.  You can brush it with your fingers for a soft textured look.  Apply hairspray for longer lasting curls and shine.

7:10 pm:  All of the curlformers are removed. :)

Presenting the new permed hair (4 hours set):

 close up side view

 close up front view

 close up side back view

sexy big curls

I tried styling these curls: 

Style 1 (scattered curls)

 Style 2 (combined curls)

  Style 3 (one-sided combined curls)

 Style 4 (combined pony-tailed curls)

Whatever the style is, I so love these big sexy curls!!! Wooot!

The curls lasted approximately 5 hours.  On my hair, ('coz I really have a straight hair) number of hours set = number of hours it will last + 1 to 2 hours :)


Using curlformers is a way to easily create quick & perfect curls.  These are revolutionary because the hairs is curled inside the curlformer - it does the work for you.  Curlformers take on average a third of a time to apply than other curler.  You get a perfect curl style in record time while giving you the choice to have exactly the curls you want, where you want them.  Fun and safe to use.
-Easily curl the entire length of your hair, or just a section.
-Less training and less time creating perfect curls.
-Constructed of a long wearing PTE material.
-Precise definition and tension to curls.

For only less than 4 USD (excluding shipping fee), you'll be able to try these CURLFORMERS HERE.