Friday, October 21, 2011

My eyes deserves a makeover get up from CUBIK EYEWEAR

Ever since I was in Grade four I started using eyeglasses...not for fashion but because I needed it.  I was diagnosed with astigmatism that time (only my right eye) so I was having a hard time reading.  I was even branded to be "nerdy" because of this glasses but I have no choice but to wear those.

My class picture (Grade 4) - I have a big forehead yikkes

My class picture (Grade 6)

Eventually my astigmatism worsens, so I continually use it until my early adulthood.  

As the years passed by, I came to realize that wearing eyeglasses can be a "trend of fashion" and not a burden.  I started looking for those funky, girly and sophisticated eyeglasses to match my needs.  But most of them costs too much.

Photos during my younger years

You know, I am a "KIKAY" girl (or should I say KIKAY MOM) who doesn't want to sacrifice my looks because of prescription glasses (forget about those "nerdy looks") 'coz I knew that wearing eyeglasses can still be fashionable. ^_^

Oh, I do also love wearing sunglasses:

Da who?: Sunglasses whore

Isn't it obvious?

A pose on my 36th week pregnancy (5 days before I gave birth)

Going back to the topic...but because of budget constraints, I end up wearing those "not so fashionable eyeglasses" 'coz I needed it for my nature of work.  I have been constantly in front of a computer, so wearing eyeglasses is a necessity.

 I really looked haggard and nerdy here, eeew :p

And now that I am already a mom, I continually wear prescription glasses:

For the record, I have been using these eyeglasses for 3 years @_@

And there's a lot of scratches now :(

Good thing I happen to saw this CUBIK EYEWEAR BLOGGING CONTEST!  A heaven's sent hope!

I just might win Cubik eyewear simply by joining the Cubik Eyewear Blogging Contest! *crossing fingers*

So lovin' this particular design of CUBIK EYEWEAR prescription glasses (i love pink), the CUBIK 946 C2.

My tantalizing eyes deserves a makeover get up from CUBIK EYEWEAR for they are providing one of the best eyewear.  I'm talking about affordability, quality and style. CUBIK EYEWEAR follows standards by allowing only licensed opticians and ophthalmologists to order prescription eyewear. Isn't it awesome?

I love my eyes.  I am using it for my work, for my blogging, for seeing beautiful things beyond the lens.  That's why my eyes deserves to be pampered.

I'm gonna call all the fairy Godmothers and angels to help me grant my wish as an early Christmas gift. ^_^


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