Monday, October 24, 2011

Eyelash Extensions: Get Polished did it well!

I was born with short and thin eyelashes.  I envy those with long, thick and curly lashes.  I tried using different mascaras, but most of the time they smudge when I perspire, and it's really a hassle especially when I go out in a hurry.  Imagine seeing myself like this:

Eeer, looks like I belong to them. 

So I end up curling it with an eyelash curler.  And it hurts @_@.

For so long this has been my dilemma.  Not until I have received a GC from GET POLISHED courtesy of my good friend (Thanks sis. Joy!!!)

Knowing GET POLISHED, from the name itself, it sounds like this is more of a SPA/Manicure/Pedicure thingy. (Take note they offer waxing too).  I came across their services and I saw "EYELASH EXTENSION."

I told myself, why not give it a try. (You know I am a risk taker, it's my very first time & I dunno how would I look like after this treatment haha)

So my hubby & I headed our way to GET POLISHED LOYOLA HEIGHTS KATIPUNAN.

As we enter the place, I can feel it's coziness and the ambiance is perfect for relaxation:

I decided to get the following services:
Me:  Eyelash Extension (Php 550.00)
Hubby: GP Hand Spa (Php 200)
           GP SPA Pedicure (Php 300 ++) if you'll have the add on services.

Hubby took more or less an hour to finish that service which includes:
Hand: Luxurious soak, Callus Removal, Aromatic Salt Scrub & Relaxing Massage
Feet: Luxurious soak, Callus Removal, Aromatic Salt Scrub, Pedicure (no polish) & a Relaxing Massage.

Hubby even told me, "Magaling sila sa Pedicure, halos di ko naramdaman. Kapag ako nga nagpepedicure sa sarili ko nasasaktan pa ako." 

Too bad I wasn't able to see all of those, for my eyes were closed during our stay there, because of the EYELASH EXTENSION procedure. :p


This is how my eyelashes/eyes looked like before the procedure:

Before Eyelash Extensions procedure

The procedure will start by putting an ample amount of Petroleum Jelly under my eyes, just below the lower lashes.  This is to prevent the micropore plaster from hurting my skin.  This plasters will prevent my lower lashes to go up and get stuck from my upper lashes.

Then the head tip of a single 11mm lash strands will be soaked on an eyelash  glue & then placed on one part of the lashes, alternating with the 10mm strands. The procedure will be repeated until all of the lashes (approximately 70 individual strands per eyes) is completed.

Individual 11mm thick lashes

Eyelash glue used 
(I intentionally erased the name for Get Polished Nail Spa's privacy)

10mm & 11mm pre-curled, extra thick black lashes
(I intentionally erased the name for Get Polished Nail Spa's privacy)

At first, I was really nervous for I have a very small tolerance for pain. But I was told by Angel (the one who did the eyelash extensions thingy on my eyes) that the procedure won't hurt.  I just felt a little sting ('coz I was trying to open my eyes which shouldn't be done during the procedure) and a bit of itchiness, but it won't last long.

I personally choose this one, they have other choices of lashes, thicker & longer, but since this is my first time, and my lashes are really thin, I assume this is the best one for me.  Regardless of the lashes used, all of the service fee are the same.

After all of the extension lashes were done, I just waited for a while, the staff removed the micropore plaster and tadaaa!

After Eyelash Extensions procedure

Sounds funny, but at that very moment, I feel like "ANG GANDA GANDA KO!  Promise!" It seems I am totally a different person na lolz.

This is my dream, to have beautiful lashes.  I kept on bragging it to hubby until we get home. Hihihi.

I was told that they are offering a FREE RETOUCH within 4 days after the first procedure was done. I just noticed that there were around 4 to 5 strands that fell out from my eyes during the first 3 days, so I ask them to have it retouched.  To my surprise, my lashes looks even better now.  Weeee!

Note: Eyelash Extensions needs to be carefully cleaned (after care procedure).  It can be washed,
but needs to do the washing of face upwardly. Strictly no oils, no pulling, no mascaras. 

Generally eyelash extensions will last for approximately 3 to 4 weeks (depending on how you take care of it), and needs to be retouched every now and then. Retouch costs around Php 200. Not bad for those who are really not used to eyelash extensions, on budget & just beginning to enjoy it.

So there you go.  If you are looking for an eyelash extension service at a lower cost with relatively a better service than others, GET POLISHED is best for you. 


My Review: (This is based on my observation & experience)
(1 to 10, 10 being the highest)
Place/Location:  9 (accessible if you're near from Paranaque, Timog and Loyola Heights
Ambiance: 9 (air conditioned, not crowded, enough space for everyone)
Service: 10 (the staff are nice & polite)
Cost: 10 (much cheaper compared to others)
Quality: 9 (the quality is FAIR ENOUGH for the price, especially on SPA Manicure/Pedicure. Just don't expect the best on eyelash extensions, for other salons are offering much more like higher numbers of light-weight individual lashes, use of collagen eye masks, etc)

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