Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SASHA HAIR COLORANT: Cheap but Quality Hair Color

Hair Dyeing is kinda addictive --- once you have started doing it, you'll find yourself not stopping.  I have started dyeing my hair since 2002 and since then, I always dye my hair.  I seldom go to the salon to make my hair dye, or  should I say, I can count on my fingers how many times a professional colorist did it for me.
I have tried a lot of hair colorant, from the cheapest one (around 10 pesos each) to those expensive ones.  Most of the time, I am more satisfied on the color outcome of those "Cheaper ones" but the output is a dull, lifeless, brittle and dry hair.  When using those expensive ones, I really can't see the intense color but I get a shiny, glossy hair.  
Last weekend, I stroll at Trinoma and found this one:

An Indonesian-made hair colorant

What's inside?
 25g Colorant

25g Developer Cream

It comes with an instruction manual.  

1.  Combine the hair colorant and developer cream in a plastic bowl, do a skin test for at least 24 hours.  If no allergies occur, you may proceed doing the hair coloring.
2.  Apply the mixture on your hair.
3.  Leave for more or less 30 minutes.
4.  Rinse very well using warm water.

This is my first time to use a BRIGHT BROWN RED color so I am really not sure how would it look like to my hair.  I decided to cut around 5 inches from my hair & taped it:

Then soak half of it on the mixture:

After 30 minutes, I rinsed & dried it:

So, when I saw that it turned out so well, I started doing it all over my hair.  On my case, I used 2 boxes of the hair colorant and waited for 45 minutes:

Result: (on my case, I shampooed it with a very little amount of Revlon's Shampoo).  No conditioner.

By the way, one trick that I learned when dyeing my hair --- I didn't shampoo, condition or wax my hair for at least 48 hours haha...trust me, it works!  A hair which is too clean often results to unsatisfactorily dyed hair.  That's why I got this one:
Glossy colored hair :)
(You may notice some parts which isn't dyed completely...I'm in a hurry when I did it haha)

After dyeing & rinsing, for 48 hours, I didn't shampoo and condition it.

Aftercare: Shampoo and condition.
On my case, I use Revlon Hair Care Shampoo and Revlon Glam Shine Spray that I have won here: http://gracesongbird.blogspot.com/2011/09/hair-makeover-weekend-at-revlon.html

Not bad for Php 45.00 each box ^_^

I may say, this hair colorant is best for those who are in budget, but wanted to have quality hair color:

Take note: This hair colorant doesn't have any gloves and bowl so you need to provide one.

This review is not sponsored by SASHA.  I personally bought this product and the outcome may vary depending on one's hair.



  1. nice color hun....I have 2 colors of this product, blonde and chocolate brown...I'm gonna try it !

  2. i have plan to coloring my hair. but i dont know what color? i want the dark brown for the result.
    can u help me!

    1. Hi, you may ask the salon professionals about that :)

  3. hei, thanks for sharing, i just bought sasha hair bleaching and sasha professional hair colorant. i kinda doubt it since it's so cheap here in indonesia. but seeing this and another few videos make me sure about it. i really can't wait to dye my hair. :)

    1. hei, i just wanna show you how my hair turns out after few times and several bleaching.. you could go to this blog, it's my blog actually.. http://treasurebelle.tumblr.com/tagged/deedee

      it's only because of you i have the courage to bleach it, if i hadn't found this blog, then my hair would probably be plain boring black.
      so thankyouu :)


    2. Sorry I overlooked your message... But then congrats!!! :)

    3. But then I just wanna say I love your ombre hair :) I may try it as soon as I gave birth to my 2nd child :p

    4. that's okay, :) you should. and congrats for the baby! i hope he or she will born healthy and so adorable. :)

  4. Is there a blue one of this? I want to color my hair too :)

    1. Hi, color variants I saw (Landmark) were shades of brown only and black. Hope this gives you an idea.

  5. Hi. I really wanted to color my hair bright teal this summer. I was going to ask you does cheap hair dyes (the ones that are in "All Items 10 pesos in Divisoria) works well? Does it damage the hair too much? I've been into hair coloring ever since, but I only buy from HBC and Hortaleza stores, but they don't have bright colors there. I was just asking for your opinion since you said you've tried those cheap ones. THANKS! XO Chen

    1. Hi Chen,
      I have tried using the ones at Divisoria but unfortunately it made my hair brittle and dull (on my case).. It is better to stick on those found at hortaleza/HBCs for experimenting on hair is a bit crucial (it may damage your hair, the worst). So if you want those bright colors, I suggest wait for them to have those stocks, or buy additional oxidizing creams (though I am not familiar how many will you add, what I know is 12 % the most), or just take time to prepare financially in having it done on a professional salon.

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  8. Do I need to bleach my hair to dye my hair? And I was planning on getting brown hair with blonde sasha hair dye, is that possible? -chloé

    1. Hi Chloe, no need to bleach separately, you may use the color and developer alone :)