Sunday, November 13, 2011

SOYAMI (so yummy) SNACKING: Guilty or not Guilty?

"Order in the court! Order in the court!"

The sound of the Judge's voice and gavel seems like a huge siren blowing in my ears.  I can't take it anymore.  Am I guilty of what???

The Judge stood up, saying:

"This is a civil case brought by THE BIG LEAGUE claiming that GRACE is liable for the injuries that THE BIG LEAGUE received in an uncontrollable weight gain caused by various snacks. THE BIG LEAGUE claims that GRACE negligently ate all sorts of snacks with empty calories, and that, as a result of the weight gain, THE BIG LEAGUE's health image was at stake and may influence every member, causing serious illnesses to everyone."

My heart dropped.  I just ate these snacks 'coz I am hungry.  Is it wrong to eat?  I am badly starving and due to frequent skipping meals and frustrations, I end up eating a lot of those.

The Judge said: 

" are GUILTY without reasonable doubt!"

If I could only bring back the time.  I am a plus size woman dealing with this serious problem of unable to resist snacking those bags of chips and sodas in between meals. 

I felt so all alone that day.  My eyes are wide open...I saw myself, teary-eyed looking on the four corners of the wall. A beautiful lady handed to me a bag of snacks.

"Are you serious?  Can't you see I'm sentenced because of those stuffs?"

"These are guilt-free", she said to me. Disappearing on my sight.  

I, showing a huge sign of relief, opened up my eyes.  It was all just a dream.

Could it be a mystery?

Days have passed and still I couldn't forget that dream.  Uneasy, struggling with my hunger, I headed my way to the nearby supermarket.

Wandering around, I accidentally dropped by a certain corner and saw these:

Could they be the one in my dreams?


I have been constantly in ON and OFF diet. Stress, deprivation on desserts/snacks, PMS cravings and frustrations are some of the many factors that affect my diet.  Recently, I just realized that I really need to get into serious  dieting.  I am having trouble on my stomach every time I ate too much, plus the danger of having serious illnesses because of overweight.  I have been reaching 160 lbs so I ended up doing major cleansing diet for weeks...excluding the NO RICE DIET at night and occasional FRUIT DIET.  Believe it or not, I am counting calories.  Right now, I have lost 20 lbs since then.

You know, I am a foodie mom who loves to cook everything, especially cakes and desserts (I have a very sweet tooth). It is really hard to manage your diet when you are the one cooking. 



Sometimes, I really can't help but to cheat on those desserts...worst, to cheat on the salty chips, especially when that time of the month is here. Guilty? Yes.  But it's the pleasure of eating snacks.

Because of the situation, I was forced to research healthy alternative snacks over the net.  I saw a bunch of them, but the problem is it is too costly and too hard to prepare (the ingredients are hard to find).  My list of snacks includes banana, gorp (trail mix of peanuts and raisins), oatmeal cookies and yogurts. SOYA is also included on my list.  I usually have TOFU and soymilk on our fridge. But my palate is still looking for those "distinct taste" a "junk food" has.  

Snacking without guilt + good taste = PERFECT SNACK!

Good thing I found SOYAMI. I first saw it when I am watching THE BIGGEST LOSER.  Come to think of it.  It was really the answer to my mystery dream haha!

SOYAMI has a nutritional value that is made with real soya, high in protein and no MSG!  It is high in calcium and 0g transfat!  Moreover, it's HALAL (meaning it fulfills Muslim's dietary rules).

                            SOYAMI ORIGINAL           SOYAMI PIZZA



It doesn't stop me from just eating those snacks alone. Although these SOYAMI snacks are really fun to eat, I decided to make these guilt-free snacking a one-of-a-kind:



Among the three flavors, I love PIZZA!  Its tangy taste tickles my taste buds, giving myself a pure snacking pleasure WITHOUT THE GUILT!

I told myself, from now on, these SOYAMI snacks will be my best buddy.  

A "must" to have SOYAMI in my bag everyday to avoid unexpected "junk food" cravings.

And mind you, for almost a month now, I have been munching this snack everyday, or every time I am hungry.  I see to it that I always have this awesome snack with me.

For the record & time being, after eating SOYAMI all this time, I even lost one pound on my weight!

Now standing confidently in my sexy outfit and a big smile, I came back into my dream, waiting for the Judge's verdict:

"...NOT GUILTY.  Case Dismissed!"



  1. Thank you for supporting the Soyami! Nice post!

    Goodluck :) I love Soyami...

  2. Nice! I'm thinking of starting my own soyami diet too hehe=)