Wednesday, February 20, 2013

BLUE CARD FROM PGH: Planning to get one?

I have been planning (for a long time) to get a  blue card from PGH (Philippine General Hospital) but because of my busy schedule (and my husband has his card health benefits too where in I am also a beneficiary of it), I got too lazy to fall in line to avail these government services like getting a free (or if not, a very minimal fee) when having medical services like check-up, confinement and others. Others may think that it is a CHEAP way (or it is not cool), but hey, did you know that this is where a portion of our taxes go? Come to think of it, instead of paying thousands of bucks for a single medical exam, you can just pay a few hundreds for it.  You are entitled as long as you are a resident of the PHILIPPINES (I believe in other cities there are also health card benefits like the so-called, YELLOW CARD for Makati, etc.).

So, here am I, brave enough to conquer to long queues. Aja!

What are the requirements for you to be able to avail their so called BLUE CARD?

Based on my personal experience while applying for a BLUE CARD, you need to be a resident of the Philippines.  They are not looking for any identification card, marriage certificate, etc, but you need to input vital information on the registration sheet like your Birthday, address, spouse, telephone number, which I don't know if they are going to confirm in the near future.  But I was able to have a dental procedure even without showing my ID(s)...all I have to show is my blue card.  I am not so sure if it applies to all (confinement, etc) so better to call their hotline at 554-8400 or click HERE.

I arrived at PGH exactly 7:00 am. I was shocked for I saw around nearly a thousand people falling in 5 to 6 separate lines in 6 counters (I got this DEJAVU feeling when I was applying for an NBI clearance haha). I told myself, are you kidding me? As early as this? But don't be intimidated. Blessing comes to those who wait hehehe.  Sabi nga, kung may tiyaga, may nilaga :)

I have this mixed feelings (irritated, tired) but all of these are gone when I happen to saw some of those parents falling in line, while carrying their very sick child. It just sink-in how our country is in need of a serious medical attention. A lot of people out there needs these medical services for they don't have that enough money to augment their medical needs. I should be thankful for I am not doing it in emergency situations like what I saw. :(

So let's get started.

If you are still not a blue card holder, all you need to do is go to the OPD (Out-Patient Department) of PGH which is located at Padre Faura St. (between Pedro Gil and U.N. Avenue Station, in front of the Supreme court). This is the building where you are going to apply as an outpatient.

These are the following steps:

Counter 1: Pagtanggap ng pasyente (they will ask what is your purpose on check up whether it's dental, pediatrics, etc. The patient don't need to fall in line if the patient has a companion that can fall in line. Then you will be asked to register vital information on the registration form they will give you. You can fill it up while falling in line at counter 2)

Counter 2: Payment (They will ask and take a quick look at the registration form and pay Php 7.00)

Counter 3: Checking (there is a roving guard to check if you have completed all the information on the registration form. Mind you, he is strict for no BLANK SPACE(S)/UNANSWERED SPACE(S) allowed. Then someone on the counter will check if those written on the registration form is right based on how they understand and read it.

Counter 4: Processing (There is an employee encoding all the information written on the registration form into a database). That was a tough job! Kudos to this employee!

Counter 5: Old patient

Counter 6: Verification

If applying for a new card, you don't have to fall in-line for counters 5 and 6.  These are intended for old patients who already carries BLUE CARD or have lost it.

Line 1 and Line 6 refers to Counter 1 and 6

When you're done with Counter 4, you will be given a BLUE CARD like this:

Also, you will be given a small paper where you will be directed and needs to fall in line (again) for assessment and check up by the doctor:

Don't worry, you will not be lost, for there is a bulletin board showing where the departments of OPD are:

Note: My apologies for the blurred pics, for I was in a hurry when taking up these pictures.

Luckily, there were only few patients on DENTISTRY/DENTAL department.  In fact, I am already assessed by 8:45 am. :) 

Hope this post helps for those who plans in getting a BLUE CARD.


Note:  This is not a sponsored post. All of the images where taken inside the UP-PGH Outpatient Department and this blog post was done as a sort of help to my readers.