Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How to be a #SelfieExpert

The internet term given to the act of taking photos of themselves without any help from others. Self-portrait in short :)

I was born to love cameras. To the point that I cannot live without it. In fact, at a tender age of 4, I already know how to pose in front of the lens :p

There are a lot of photography lessons out there. What if you want to take your own since you don't have enough time to attend photoshoots, too shy to be with someone taking your images or you lack budget in taking a professional photography lessons?

Let me teach you how to do it all by yourself. This is what you call the ART OF SELFIE (Selfie 101):

Kinds of Selfie Poses that may guide you:

a) Duck face look (one of the most-loved and most-hated pose haha)

b) Smiling/happy look

c) Serious/Fierce/Smizing look

d) Alluring look

e) Halfie (Half-selfie)

f) Foodfie (Foodie Selfie)

Now since you already know what are the kinds of the usual poses you can do, what are the things you have to consider to be able to do a perfect/flawless selfie? These are the 5 tips that is a surefire help:

1. Lighting: Even on the traditional photography, this is one of the vital factors. The clarity of the selfie taken depends on the light on your surroundings... enough light, the more clarity you get.
See how clear this image is? :)

Too much/imbalance light will also affect good selfie:
Imbalance light gives a blurred image

Likewise, lack of lighting definitely is a no-no:
A  bit dim in my room

Unless otherwise you want it for art's sake:
I intentionally took a selfie with a dim light

2. Proper Angle: Of course, this is one of the vital things to consider. Which one do you prefer, taking selfie as if "someone was taking your pic" or your arms extended are seen on the lens of your phone? Think twice :p
This was taken using a Selfie Strategy

3. Right Shooting Technique: There are several ways how to take a selfie.
      a) Head's Up Selfie: Take a selfie where the gadget is above your head. 

    b) Look-Down Selfie: Take a selfie where the gadget is below your head, usually levelled in your shoulders or below. 
Did you see the difference from the above photo? It gives totally a different mood just by changing the angle!

    c) Candid Selfie: From the term itself, you have to look like this is a candid moment, meaning you DON'T HAVE TO LOOK IN THE CAMERA so it would look like you do not know you are being photographed hahaha
See? :p

    d) Emote Selfie: You have to emote, or even pose as if you are in a photoshoot. Just do your thing. Pose using your two hands. To be able to do this, you have to use an lazy-pod and earphones for you to click on the headset using your feet, and press it using your toes (yeah, you heard me right). Funny, but this is one of the techniques i have learned in replacement of a selfie-pod, especially when a pose needs your two hands. :) 
Photoshoot anyone? #emotepamore

    e) Selfie-timer: Take a selfie where the gadget is placed on a table, or anywhere that will capture your pose. Just pick up a good location and tadaa! You are all set :)
Looks like taken on a studio right? lol

This is what you call the Art of Selfie :p
      e) Backfie (Back-selfie): Take a selfie facing against the camera phone and tilting your head towards the lens. Complicated? Nope. Let's say you just have to be a bit "maarte" to do this lol
                          Feeling model hahaha

4. Filters to use: These are also one of the most important things to consider. The right filter will enhance your image. There are several filters on the different Social Media Sites (especially in Instagram), so use the filter depending on the mood you want to project, or depending on how the picture will look appealing and makes your features clear.
Nashville Filter

 Black and White Filter

                          Amaro Filter

5. Gadget to use: One of the most important factor in doing selfies. Are you using higher-pixel phones? It will contribute to the output of your selfie. Try using high quality camera phones to get the best result, just like OPPO F1 Selfie Expert.
In this image below, I am using a phone with good quality pixels, so even inside a room, it still gave a nice quality selfie:

So there you go! Hurry and get the new OPPO F1 that will aid you on your selfies!

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There are actually many ways to do it, there are no limitations.

The success of a good #Selfie depends on the 5 factors aforementioned above, and the kind of selfie you want to choose that will match your personality. At last but not the least, BE YOURSELF. Now, be ready mastering the ART OF SELFIE! Yay!

So you see, selfie is a way to share and treasure your moments with the lens. Even if articles or people are telling that this is an intellectual/behavioural problem, it really depends on how you do it. To those people like me, taking selfies is a personal satisfaction to see how the lens loves you. :)


This is not a paid blogpost. 
This is my official entry for the How to be a #SelfieExpert blog contest.

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