Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GENIUS SUPERMOM on the making: It's not me, it's LG OPTIMUS

♪♫ ♪♫  I'm not your superwoman...oohh I am only human...

Family, friends, work etc.....all at the same time? I am starting to panic.

Time management is one of the things I am having a hard time dealing with until this very moment.  Too bad I have to do these things all at the same time:

(Photo courtesy of SunSentinel.com)

How I wish I'm a supermom (literally with wings and superpowers).  I want to finish everything, but it can't be 'coz I can't. I am a work at home mom with a very playful and active 2 year old toddler, who keeps on disturbing and following me all the time.  With all of these things happening, I started  looking for things that could help me to be a good and efficient homemaker.

One day while browsing  the net, I have seen these new gadget so called LG OPTIMUS 2X (LG P990) and LG OPTIMUS BLACK (LG P970). (I have been constantly browsing several gadgets for I am planning to buy a high to mid-class phone this year).  I was so amazed with the features I got from reading all about these 2 amazing phones...imagine, 1st Dual-Core Smartphone & World's Brightest Nova Display, respectively.  In my mind, I am starting to see clearly a bright and promising future for a mom like me haha!

I went into our room and look for my laptop to check my facebook account for a while:

"Yay! I won in a contest"...but I don't know the place...so here comes the magic of GPS... but hey!  Look what's here in my pocket!  An Optimus 2X from LG?  My eyes were open.  Is it true?  Oh my---Great! (maybe it was hubby's surprise gift for me).  At that very moment I noticed that I could browse the map directly on my phone because of its GPS with A-GPS support.  Unlike my old phones supported with GPS only, I can't trace a precise and exact location when on a moving car, dense urban areas and inside buildings.  On my case, because of my "hectic" schedule, i really don't have the time to figure out the exact place, so I can leave it behind for now.  It's cloud-to-device messaging (a genius feature where a web, google map location, etc.) can be pushed unto my phone without doing anything: a perfect timing.  My LG OPTIMUS will do the job when I am about to go to the location. :)

Well, it's time for work...gotta open my desktop pc now for I need to log into my Yahoo messenger and check mails when accidentally I saw a YM icon on these LG phone!  

Too good that this genius phone has an Android 2.2 Froyo (Frozen Yoghurt)-I can even work right directly from this smartphone!!!  Imagine, it's 5X faster than the Android 2.1 version, plus the fact that it speeds up JavaScript execution time by 2 – 3x and is now the fastest mobile browser in the World!  
-Improved speed 
-Acts as a router & a modem (I can even use my genius phone to let my laptop, desktop and other devices connect to the internet)
-Enterprise features (wipe the device if it’s ever stolen or lost, device backup, etc. so no worries even if i brought my phone outside 'coz the confidential data stored are safe) 
-Load faster apps (I can load the apps used in my home based work here hehe)
-Improved voice recognition
-Supports HTTP streaming and local file playback (that's great for youtube)
-Ability to update all installed apps at once

Well, it only means that I can work and play. :)

At that moment my toddler starts crying and showing his tantrums so I headed outside to see what was happening.  Thanks to these phone I can log on time (directly from this LG phone) for my work. ^_^

Finally, I saw his fave gadget and he started to play his games there.

I love capturing candid moments of my toddler just like what I have here:

Now, I don't need to rush all the time to bring out my video camera (every time my toddler solves new puzzles), these Optimus phone will do all the work when it is needed. :)  Plus, it has LED flash enabled for the Camcorder (ability to shoot videos in low light).  Isn't it awesome?

Few hours has passed.  It's time for cooking. I proceeded to our kitchen and I am about to cook a surprise dish for hubby.  I kinda forgot some of the measurements so I grabbed my little gadget where I browse recipes but it's low bat! 
This is the last moment where my gadget for e-RECIPES has power.  

OPTIMUS 2X saves my day.  It was awesome to see that I can easily browse the recipes I wanted here because of full support for Flash (ver 10.1) & it's user-interface tweaks! Tadaaa here's the dish I have made! (One proud mommy)
If not with this phone,  I am surely serving a dish that might ruin my reputation. :p

Again, I headed into our room, but what the heck!!! I almost forgot. We're overdue in our bills.
*sigh*  I always forgot to pay on time.

"Hmmnn can I use this phone in paying bills online?"  I am tired of my slow laptop and it is getting annoying when I am loading a site.  Then I just decided, why not use my genius phone at hand?

Just a few moment,  I have already payed them all.  I can even put an alarm on the phone reminding me to do these things.  :)  Whew!

Now here comes my other phone that keeps on beeping and ringing. 

I checked it, saw my friend's reminder that it was our photo shoot today at Sunken Garden!  I grabbed my SLR, my props, etc..and need to bring Gav that day (and all of my toddler's things).  That's a lot of things huh?!?

But wait a minute.....look what I got!  LG OPTIMUS 2X has 8MP autofocus camera w/ LED Flash & 1.3MP secondary front-facing camera....no need to bring my bulky SLR, especially on times like these. ^_^ That's too good for a camera phone!  Not to mention, my baby enjoyed playing games on my phone while waiting for them because my genius smartphone has 4.0 display, 480×800 pixels, ARM Cortex A9 1.0GHz dual-core processor (Tegra 2) with 512 RAM, plus improved graphics capabilities (OpenGL ES 2.0)...enough for him to enjoy the 3D ones...no  need to bring his bulky & heavy gadget. :p

It was already evening when we arrived at home.  

"What a fulfilling day!", I said to myself while getting ready to pamper my baby.  I played some music from this LG phone to make my baby sleepy. And guess what? I have saved thousands of music files (my fave and Gav's fave songs) on this genius phone!  Yes, you heard it right. It is possible because it has 32GB memory capacity via its microSD.  Teehee! More playlists to come hahaha!  Thanks to its HDMI port, this phone acts as my USB too.  Yeah!

It was almost nearly nine in the evening and hubby wasn't still home.  I decided to read my fave "MANGA" episodes while waiting for him.

Oh, then suddenly I just realized why not try to browse these on my new phone?  I can read while lying on bed hehe.  Thanks to its WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) which supports wide array of bandwidths (even the latest, fastest maximum speed & best signal range that uses MIMO technology, usually costs higher). I can connect to our router or most probably, to any other unprotected WiFi signals around the vicinity lolz (just joking, I'm a good mom ;p). 

Now, photo shoots, cooking, paying bills, work (and a whole lot more) while taking care of my toddler are all done.   Still, this genius phone is alive (I mean, it has power) because of its light-weight 1500mAh Li-Ion battery that lasts longer. I am a certified SUPERMOM this time.

Finally hubby is here!  I graciously kiss and hug him while saying "Thank you bhe for the LG OPTIMUS 2X phone!  I soooo love it!"

He stared at me smiling, shook my shoulder and said, "What are you talking about bhe?"

Everything stopped.  Even my heartbeat.  I can't believe this...this isn't happening...no, it can't be.  I opened my eyes and that's it!  It was all a dream. :/  Still, I'm not a certified GENIUS 'coz I didn't figured out that the things happening to me were all a product of my imagination. 

That whole night I couldn't sleep.  How I wish I have one. At that very moment I kept on drooling over these 2 phones for I know that it is indeed a great help for a busy mom like me. Even for an LG OPTIMUS BLACK will do (because of budget constraints). With this I will still enjoy multitasking, all of the features are the same, except that it has single-core processor (instead of dual-core),  2GB (instead of 8GB) expandable memory and a 5 MP (instead of an 8 MP) camera.  Not bad for its price. :)

I believe that things are all possible with this 2 awesome phones!
I can raise a smart child, capture every precious moment,  be a good wife, friend, employee and not just a SMART homemaker but a GENIUS one, while enjoying the things in life with ease & comfort---all in one gadget. :)

My wishlist from that day on?  

None other than these GENIUS SMARTPHONE:

Best deal for a GENIUS SUPERMOM in the making.  LIFE is really GOOD!

(Photo courtesy of Google.com)

“Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius. Visit lgoptimus.ph for more information!”


This is my official entry for LG's "It's Genius Blog Contest".


  1. Hi Mommy Grace! I'm sure you're a supermom, even if you don't have those gadgets, but hope you win!

  2. Hi Jerry & Joy: Thanks for the compliment. I am aiming to be a genius supermom for the sake of my loved ones ^_^.

  3. Goodluck Ma'am Grace.. You never failed me to read your blogs. :))

  4. Wow this is a winning entry...God Bless

  5. @Sherwood and Jhiegzh: Thank you po. Join na din kayo ^_^

  6. Yay! Sis Grace, I am positive that you'd win these phones :) I like the way you presented your ideas :)

    I also joined this: http://musicmoviestars.com/level-genius/

    Good luck to both of us! :)

  7. Thanks sis Ellen! Cramming mode po in 2-3 days finally I was able to finish it without Fb haha :) Goodluck to us!

  8. multitasking. dreaming too for a new cellphone. hahaha

  9. Wow! Super nice post from a Super Mom :)

    Good luck with your entry!