Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The day I have been waiting for a long finally meet the requirements I have been looking for a television.    None other than the SMART TV from SAMSUNG:

Sure help for a mom like me.
Adheres to the needs of a working dad.
Makes us an advocate of a greener environment.
Simplifies life.
Utmost performance.
Notable technology.
Great for the whole family.

Signifies new dimension in entertainment.
Makes every TV viewing an awesome experience.
Amazing features that make it different from others.
Reliable design.
Total 3 Dimensional viewing.

Timeless design fitted for everyone's room.
Velvety clearness of the images that stands out among the rest.


For these 10 roles I am performing, I believe that this SMART TV is a big help:

-I am a music lover.  It will serve as my huge music player.
-I am a photographer.  It will give me a clear vision of my photographs.
-I am a contest addict.  It will be easy for me to browse the current updates of contests ongoing without the need of opening a PC.
-I am a blogger.  It will motivate me to blog more since it will be easy for me to browse them every time I want to.
-I am a singer.  It will enhance my talent without the need of opening/setting up a videoke player.  You tube browsing for videoke songs is good enough.
-I am a teacher.  It will be easy for me to browse and load my toddler's educational videos for his learning activities.
-I am a gamer.  I couldn't imagine how great it is to play Nintendo Wii using the big screen.
-I am a forecaster. I will get to know the weather forecast using the internet on TV.
-I am a mother.  I can enjoy my full-time ministry of being a mom just by staying at home.
-I am an advocate of a greener environment.  It will surely help me achieve my goals.  

Above statements comprise the 4 As of Samsung's SMART TV.
(Click the Revolving TV in each side of every "A's" to read the blog about them)

These things only proves that SMART TV is not a luxury, but a "must" in life.  There are about a hundred ways we can do with it, all depends on each and everyone's preference in life.


This is my official entry for SAMSUNG TV PHs "THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH A SAMSUNG SMART TV! Blog Contest."


  1. Wow very nice blog!!! For the win. :)

  2. It's good that you have elaborated the things you wanna do with SMART TV. Really a must to buy one girl. :)

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