Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The ACT of total entertainment while being GREEN

Global warming is seriously a dilemma in the whole world.  With the weight of these problems arising, I am very eager to help our Mother Earth by being an advocate of going GREEN.  In fact, I always find a way to REDUCE, RE-USE and RECYCLE (see my blog post HERE).  It doesn't limit on the 3R's, but also includes conservation of energy.  The moment I learned about SAMSUNG SMART TV, I knew this one can help me on my advocacy.


Samsung was listed as number 1 among global I.T. Companies and was an Award winner including DOE, EPA, Energy star Award of Excellence, CES Eco Design and sustainable technology Innovation Award.

Well, my  lola used to scold us for watching TV most of the time.  She told us it's a waste of electricity.  I think lola would be amazed to find out about this new innovation from SAMSUNG. :)

-I am an advocate of Go Green.
-I can help in saving our planet and at the same time not depriving our need for entertainment.
-I am making an even greener commitment through a greener way of living.

SAMSUNG's line of products are great and I have proven it!  But SMART TV is way indeed exceptional.  I badly need one because it's a SMART choice to live with convenience while being an advocate of saving our planet!  I can do a lot of "smart" things with SMART TV.  The new generation is so lucky to have these technology nowadays...the comfort of living and watching TV in it's new dimension while helping our Mother Earth.  Surely a SMART way to live.

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  1. I definitely agree with you bhe. Prices may look higher than usual, but the thing is, in the long run, it consumes less electricity than others.

  2. Maganda yan mars...nag-enjoy ka na, nakatulong ka pa sa kapaligiran. Goodluck!

  3. Not all people can afford one but rest assured those who bought it was satisfied.