Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Living with ACCESS on SMART TV

Who among us doesn't use internet?  I myself is a living testimony (see my BLOG HERE) that half of my daily life revolves around the World Wide Web. Even my friend's Lola has a Facebook account (imagine that)!  But anyways, technology is amidst rising. and people tend to be inclined with these technologies.


Internet is one of the major needs of an individual, and even a family.  It wasn't a luxury anymore for most of the things I needed for the convenience of my life is found here.  The best thing about it, it can now be on a TV! I can freely communicate, interact, search and connect effortless. It opens up more worlds than I can possibly imagine, putting it all on large and brilliant screen. Effortlessly connecting to the Internet, it will let me enjoy all the brilliant content the Web has to offer. I can easily organize, add and delete content with it.

If only these gadgets were available on the late 80's and early 90's, perhaps I wouldn't be trying to write a snail mail to my cousin just to have our hi's and hello's.

"Oh common, 1 week, seriously???" (I thought)
(Definitely 3 days is the earliest) and I am not even complaining at that time. :p

Also, with its Smart hub, it will allow me to search all web browser:

Probably if it is on-hand during my high school days, I don't need to go all the time on a library to search answers about simple what's, who's and where's.

With SMART TV, I can ACCESS the virtual world into the real one.
-I can open my Facebook without the need of bringing out my old laptop.  It's just a click away.  
-I can now let my baby boy watch his favorite educational shows downloaded without pulling out the videos in DVD.   In that way, I can secure my toddler's development with convenience at home.
-My hubby can now play his favorite online game without opening our desktop PC.  Less gadgets opened, less electricity!
-I can now sing those "Sing-along" videos in You Tube without the need of opening our DVD Videoke set.
-We can now watch a FULL-HD movie without going out on Movie houses.
-I can read my "blogs" while comfortably laying down on bed (Whew that's a huge e-book).  
-I can watch my babies photos and videos on our TV!  It's like a giant digital photo frame!
-I can easily join online contests and chat with my online "contest-holic" Facebook friends.

Accessing the web is now possible on this awesome and STYLISH TV from SAMSUNG!

On my next blog, I'll be showing how style matters in choosing the right television.  'Til my next posting peeps!


This is my official entry on SAMSUNG TV PH's "THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH A SAMSUNG SMART TV! Blog Contest." 


  1. Access to the internet is a vital factor when choosing a TV. Two thumbs up!

  2. Oo nga, naaalala ko yung mga panahon ng snail mail...grabe yun..walang palitan ng place...pag sinabing magkikita ng ganitong araw at oras kahit 2 weeks ago pa naisulat magkikita pa rin haha.. Anyway goodluck.

  3. Great post Gracie. :) Hope you win!

  4. Girl goodluck to your posts :) I love them.

  5. Mag "contest" mode ba sa SMART TV? hehehe.
    Goodluck. :*

  6. I remember usong uso pa noon Encyclopedia :p

  7. Thanks everyone for your nice comments :)