Thursday, April 14, 2011

SAVE our Mother Earth: Re-use. Reduce. Recycle.

In the midst of our room, I am only using a candle light to support the EARTH HOUR which recently happened 26th of March, 8:30 p.m. This is the first time that I joined, knowing that our planet needs to be rescued.

GLOBAL WARMING is not a little issue.  In fact, it leads to serious and lasting effects.  More frequent and intense extreme weather events, species extinctions, and changes in agricultural yields.  Warming and related changes will vary from region to region around the globe, though the nature of these regional changes is uncertain. As a result of contemporary increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide, the oceans have become more acidic, a result that is predicted to continue. (Source: WIKIPEDIA)

Re-use. Reduce. Recycle.

We usually see these 3R's in most products we purchase nowadays. This campaign is unquestionably omnipresent. It has been spreading extensively, reaching almost every age group.  Young ones, elders, teenagers, professionals...without a doubt, they knew about it.

I myself am, or should I say was GUILTY of not doing my part of saving our planet.  I am at all times occupied with my “to do” things. Being a blogger, doing errands and taking care of my toddler on weekdays, a full-time mom on weekends and every time in between, it’s almost impossible to consider environmental awareness program such as waste segregation (though I am asking my house helper to do that). A lot of people have more time to do that.  But it was a failure on my part.

I was thinking of doing  things that can help lower carbon emissions and conserve energy. I can contribute to our mother earth by doing the following:
-recycled art.
-use of eco bags.
-consume products/cosmetics that are eco-friendly (see my BLOG POST HERE).
-use of energy saving lights.
-conserve water.
-sacrifice in using some of the appliances (aircon, washing machine).

Recycled art:
An art made of an empty tissue roll

Eco bag: 
Use of eco bag instead of plastic bags while shopping.

Eco-friendly products:
I make sure that the items I am using, from cosmetics to perfumes, are all eco-friendly
 Organic face powder

Eco-friendly perfume

Organic soaps

Energy-saving lights:

Conserve water:
-Use a big basin or a pail with a dipper than shower and save used water for cleaning pet danders or flushing the toilet bowl (instead of using the flush).
-Avoid running water.
-Place a bottle full of water  (preferably 1.5 liters) inside the flush box to save 1.5 liters every use of flush (if it can't be avoided).

Use appliances with less carbon emissions:
Electric fan instead of Air conditioners, industrial fan is a no-no too, heaters, blowers,
YES to Desk fan, NO to Industrial fan

YES to CFL, NO to Incandescent bulbs

Hair blower & Electric water heater should be avoided

Back to recycled artwork...this is the goal I still haven't done.  Using these junk items I have collected (canisters,  medicine bottles, empty tissue roll, even CDs!) and coupled with the "willingness" and "desire",  I am now seeing this big pit of junk “nothings” into “some things”! 
Empty tissue roll, canisters, bottles and styro products

And finally here they are:
Bottle art display

Toy car art

Above 3 were the tissue roll art display

We can contribute in saving our Mother Earth by doing little things.  Great things start from small beginnings. We can do somehow this 3R's in our own little way.

I am so astonished that a lot were supporting this campaign.  It was indeed great to see (even on Facebook) platforms and different ways in promoting this cause,  just like the Alter Space. It is the 1st Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook.  It teaches and likewise give tips on how to conserve energy or lower carbon emissions. ^_^  

Facebook plug-in: Recommendations or Like

I even got addicted on it :p

It is not too late.  One  little move is a big step towards our goal: To Save the Earth.  Everyone's discipline and little contribution is a big help in the future.  The future that includes our sons and daughters, our grandsons and granddaughters, and our "great grandsons and great granddaughters." Save now to save our future generation.  Start now before it's too late. ^_^

This is my official entry for the ABOITIZ POWER ALTER SPACE BLOGGERS CONTEST.


  1. Your tips are very substantial and I can feel your sincerity. I hope a lot of people will read about this. Two thumps up for your entry

  2. Wala sana akong planong sumali kaya lang ng malaman ko na pwede tagalog entry sumali na rin ako.. First time kong mag join ng blog contest hehehe hirap pala.. Here's the link:

  3. Hi Shirgie and Yen! Thank you for your kind words. I am glad we do share same sentiments and goals on how to save our planet. :)

  4. Gagawin ko din yang recycling...ang cute din kase :)

  5. I will try that one too! Best of luck.

  6. You do have bright ideas girl! Keep 'em up! Love yah!

  7. Yan ang gusto ko sa'yo mars...resourceful ka hehehe. Kisses for Gav :)

  8. Let's move now. It's not too late.