Monday, April 11, 2011

SAMSUNG SMART TV: The long awaited change is finally here!

I can still hear my "nanay's" cries while she's watching "Anna Liza" (a TV drama series that runs for almost 6 years starred by the late Julie Vega) and it's rival show "Flordeluna" (starred by Janice de Belen)...that's almost 25 years ago...and I can clearly remember how she looked like on our monochromatic Television.   

Everyday, as far as I could remember, our life was revolving on this thing which is seen as a common place in our house.  News (I remember the coverage of EDSA People Power 1), dramas (Anna Liza & Flordeluna), Wonder Woman, WWF matches (Hulk Hogan is the famous one that time), Sesame Street and Batibot. That time, our TV is a boxed-typed black and white then was upgraded to a 14-inch colored one. (with a channel selector that is manually rotated).  There comes a time that I was persistently asking my parents what's with the channels of my friend's tvs with more than 16...and they can't answer me. :pThere was no cable at that time and perhaps they weren't techie to answer my questions. 

One day, I was surprised when my "Tatay" bought a television with a digital selection of channel.  I was even bragging it to my playmates hahaha! I also had this chance playing "Nintendo FAMILY COMPUTER" on our TV set...and who can forget those sleepless afternoon with "Lovingly Yours, Helen" and my mom can't scold me for not sleeping those times 'coz she is kinda-holic on these show :p Those were the memories of my childhood. ^_^

When I started working, included in my wishlist is to have a very nice TV as we usually saw on Mall displays.  But having one is really expensive. Good thing, when I got married, I was able to have one since my hubby was really fond of having big TVs at home.  We loved having our bonding moment by singing on a VIDEOKE set connected to this entertainment set.

This is one of our earliest investment as husband and wife.  These Slim-Fit Samsung TV was bought way back 2008 and at that time it was still a bit expensive.  We believe in the long run, it is economical than those traditional TVs since SAMSUNG PRODUCTS are known to be environment friendly because of it's less carbon emissions.  We even bought DVD, Refrigerator and Cellphone all made from SAMSUNG. ^_^

Now, it's 2011 and we have been planning to replace our old TV with the latest  TV innovations from SAMSUNG.  These past few months we have been browsing these LED, PLASMA and LCD TV's on malls to find which is the best to purchase, especially that we are planning to move in into our new home.

Likewise, I have been having a hard time browsing my fave videos downloaded for my toddler.  You know, the inconvenience of using a laptop is obvious.   My hubby is even uneasy playing his favorite ONLINE GAMES on our TV monitor.  I was badly losing hope looking for a great one that can satisfy our needs, not until I saw this SMART TV from SAMSUNG:


Home Entertainment is about to meet it's future knowing no boundaries. This SMART TV will definitely capture my imagination and dazzle my eyes. Connecting from the real world to the virtual one.    
There are 4 As that would definitely change my world:  ACCESS, ALIGN, AMAZE, ACT.  

It will surely change yours as I tell you guys how awesome it is to have a SMART TV at home.  It is tantamount to say that it is like LIVING a life with full comfort and convenience while being a green advocate.
Although I wasn't lucky enough to receive invites and attend these blogger's event featuring SAMSUNG SMART TV, it will never stop me drooling over it :)
'Til my next posting :)

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