Tuesday, April 26, 2011

STYLE Really Matters

Style is a big issue in our house.  Like me, I hate "Spacious" appliances that's why it is a big plus to have this SMART TV.    It doesn't settle for less than perfect.


Well, this is way too different on times when our TV is consuming 1/4 of our sala hahaha.

-No more worries for space:  Our little room will be enough for a great entertainment set.

-It is comfortable:  The comfort through it's natural multi-sensory design is incomparable:

-I'll have my "bragging rights":  I can brag to my relatives and friends it's ground-breaking design! lolz

Others may say  it's just the "LOOK and FEEL" of a TV.  But for me, it is not "just".  It is a MUST when choosing the right TV on my home.

Little by little, I am AMAZED on how SAMSUNG SMART TV could help me reach my ideal entertainment thingy.

'Till my next posting!



  1. hahaha.. sana magkaroon din kami nyan.. nice blog/entry.. Goodluck po..

  2. Thanks Sherwin! Join ka na din, until 30th of this month pa yung submission. you still have few more days to join ^_^

  3. Natawa naman ako bhe doon sa malaking tv...may ganoon din kaming scenario noon.

  4. Best part is the "Bragging rights" lolz

  5. Brag it to me nga hihihi...mwaaah!

  6. We actually have one here...Series 9000. :) Great performance. No doubt.

  7. Salamat sa lahat ng nagcomment ^_^