Monday, March 21, 2011


Today is another busy day.  Taking care of my baby, emails, blogs, and online activities that completes my everyday routine...

Did you know that 50 to 60 percent of my time (or should I say maybe even your time) is revolving in the WORLD WIDE WEB?

That's true.
Come to think of it,  I am almost spending more than 12 hours (or more) in the internet.

Wondering what am I doing?
I'll give you a glimpse how it works :)

For 2 years now, I have been constantly joining blog, photo and video contests,  anything where in I can get "free products", promos and giveaways,  even  joining events with online contest addicts,  hahaha!   Recently, I have been very active with these things and I am very grateful that it turned out so well.  


Just to name a few, I have won the following:

-an iPod Touch 8GB, 5k worth of GCs and an Ice Cream Cake being the most creative blog: 
Winning announcement:

Winning entry:

-an iPad 16 GB wifi & products by being one of the winners in Committing to Change:

Winning announcement:!/icommittochange/posts/169955326372459 

-an iPhone4 as one of the winners in most creative avatar:
Winning announcement:  

Winning entry & prize:

-an iPod Shuffle 2GB as the best team (ehem I'm the leader of the group):
Winning announcement:

Winning entry and prize:

-Php 5k worth of SPA GCs at a 5 star hotel:

-Php 10k cash as the 1st runner up in a blog contest:
Winning entry:

-a digital camera plus the chance to see my photograph in exhibit (within ASIA COMMUNITY):

-a watch worth Php 15k as one of the winners in a photo contest:
Winning entry:


...and more freebies & prizes:

Well it only proves that INTERNET is a TREASURE MAP!

I have been blogging since 2007 with the use of different social networking sites (Multiply, Friendster, etc..) and on different platforms (Wordpress, Squidoo, Blogspot, etc) as a part of being a Virtual Assistant and of course, to document my personal sentiments and share them (experiences, recipes & product and food reviews) to my readers.

It is one way of bonding with my hubby.  Ask me everything about DOTA (Warcraft) and I'll ask him :p

Movies, mp3 songs, videos and it!  I have a lot of 'em ^_^  
The great thing about this is...It helped a lot in my toddler's development.
In this video, you can see how my baby boy has developed his analytical skills with the educational game we just have downloaded.

It is my way of unwinding and sharing my "'WHEREABOUTS" and the blahs of life :)

Watching my favorite MTV's of Regine and Mariah Carey is really comforting...or funny videos of babies laughing hysterically made me laugh. :)  Likewise, episodes of GLEE that I have missed is not a problem at all!

I can't live without an INTERNET!  It's like the air I breathe :)

We have been a SMART BROADBAND PLAN 999 (Canopy) subscriber for 3 years and we are satisfied with the service we're getting.  In fact, my hubby & I will still be renewing our contract with them and even planning to get a higher plan (PLAN 1995 Wimax) to get the maximum potential use of the internet, especially now that my hubby is dealing with clients that needs  reliable and faster internet connection.  Not to mention, it will be beneficial on my online activities especially on joining contests. ^_^

So for the readers of my blog, I believe that today (not next month or next year) is the best time to get a personal broadband connection.  You see, it is already a "must" and not a luxury.  All you have to do is subscribe to SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Plan 999 or 1995 because of all the amazing freebies they offer:

a.  Free All-In-One HP Printer
b. FREE Call & Texts with SMART Gold Lite Plan 300 for 6 months subscription
c.   Free 1 month broadband subscription

With the SMART BRO Unlimited Home broadband, you'll get consistent surf speed and stable signal.  Hurry 'coz this promo runs until June 4, 2011 only! visit  the nearest SMART Wireless Center or any SMART BRO accredited agents, or log on at SMART BRO WEBSITE or check SMART COMMUNICATION's FACEBOOK FAN PAGE if you want to know more about the promo. ^_^

Take note that these promo is open to all new paid and activated accounts for:
Smart Bro Canopy Plan 999
Smart Bro Wimax Plan 999
Smart Bro Wimax Plan 1995

(Note: Free HP Printer and Gold Lite SIM Card must be claimed within 60 days after activation for Bro account.
Beyond this duration, freebies are forfeited.
Subscriber must submit the following documentary requirements: Fully accomplished and signed Service Application Form (SAF) Proof of Identification Terms and Conditions)

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 1871, Series of 2011.

Nothing beats SMART BROADBAND based on my experience and on the benefits I got using these connection.  I am a living TESTIMONY of how it makes my day exciting and fun even if I have a very busy schedule. Therefore I can only say this: It is fun to live a life with it!  Go for it for it is PROVEN!   


This is my official entry for Smart Bro's Broadbandest Blowout Contest.


  1. Hello peeps,I need your support. Please help me by commenting on this entry :) Much thanks :)

  2. Great blog :) Lucky you are to receive those kinds of blessings from internet.
    Wish you more luck :)

  3. ang dami mo napanalunan. akin na lang iPod shuffle mo. hehe!

  4. Hehehe.. ako rin contest addict,, joining contest is my enthusiasm even if I do not win.. Anyway..nice blog, I hope you win..for SMART Bro, good promo...

  5. birds of a feather flock together - contest wise that is, like me :). we need fast internet for better catching of prey.

    hope you could find time to share your thoughts on my blog too...

    good luck to us!

  6. Nice entry momi Grace! You deserved all the prizes you had!... Keep it up!! More to come.. :)

    All the best!! mwaahh!

  7. Wow nice blog ^_^
    u really deserve all the prizes (nakz)
    good luck po and GOD bless >"<

  8. WOW!! as in huwaw ^__^ hehe same here contestholic din..galing! You have nice blog =)

  9. You are really blessed! Goodluck mare. Mwah!

  10. You truly deserve these blessings girl.

  11. Good luck sis!
    Another winning entry!^^
    You are so blessed b/c u are so kind and sweet!^^
    A Smart like u deserve a Smart Bro's Broadbandset..^^

  12. Goodluck mommy! Thank you also for commenting on my blog.

  13. You are blessed to have won so much! I cannot live without net service as well! In this day and age, we need a reliable provider!

    Thank heavens for SmartBro!

    :) Check out my blog on this as well:

  14. Thanks for the comments peeps. It is really appreciated. Although I just have a limited time in campaigning my entry, I was overwhelmed with your feedbacks & compliments. You guys are my inspiration why do I keep on writing. Much thanks and God bless us all ^_^

  15. Such a wonderful entry. Have a blast!

  16. Good luck sa atin mommy!! nice entry =)

  17. Ang ganda po ng entry niyo. Nacoconvince na po akong mag SMART BRO...GL**E kase gamit ko hehehe

  18. I want one! hehe! Thank you for sharing your blessings!

  19. Wow you deserve these things! I know you are a kind of person beyond material things! Keep it up! :)Nice meeting you here...You can visit my blog anytime:

    <.a href="">Something To Brood Over<./a>

  20. wow such a long entry! hehehe ur a wise mom if u choose smart! :) thank for ur comment

  21. OMG, you won alot of Apple stuff! Haha. Congrats! ;)

  22. wow bonggang prizes sis..

    more blessings to come :)

  23. whoa. this is something to be proud of. best of luck! :)

  24. Congrats for winning lots of stuff from different online contests... that means your posts are worth reading.
    Goodluck with this one!

  25. me too.loyal smart bro subscriber kc sa area namin un ang may pinakamabilis na internet.mag 2 years na kami with smart bro.
    goodluck sis!

  26. Good luck rin sayo sis! Maghakot ba ng prizes? hehehe.. muahhh