Sunday, June 24, 2012

Energizer and Nuffnang power my lifestyle

Energizer and Nuffnang power my lifestyle through my love in writing.  As a blogger, my (wireless) keyboard and mouse are my best friends.  I can't live without them.  Every time I wanna let out my insights, or just simply share my thoughts, I write.  Writing is my soul. In this regard, I wanna make sure that all the time these buddies of mine is always on the go. Likewise, when my SLR runs out of battery, my digicam saves the day during the event where I need to take to take photos.  Of course, it is powered by Energizer.

That being said, most of our things in the house (remote control, my son's toys, etc) were all powered by Energizer. We decided to buy a rechargeable Energizer battery and a NI-MH battery charger especially made by Energizer:

I am an avid user of these batteries.  I believe in its power capabilities.

Likewise, Nuffnang makes me always updated on the latest trends and it gives me the feeling of belongingness...that blogging is not all about writing.  It is about friendship and socialization within the blogging community.  They are providing lots of activities, events and contests that makes me fight my boredom and helps me express my true self and meet new friends. ^_^ I love my Nuffnang Family.  They are my second family (cheesy lol).

So when I heard about the advance screening of THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN sponsored by two amazing buddies I have in my life namely, Energizer and Nuffnang, it will surely be a blast!

I am hoping to be a part of these great event, for my previous events with Nuffnang are always treasured. *_*  I am so excited to meet new faces, as well as witness a whole new experience with  Nuffnang and Energizer.


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