Monday, May 18, 2015

No Limit with INIPIT: Easy but Delectable Ice Cream Cake on the Go!

 Our own creation using INIPIT CAKES ^_^

I am a homebaker and a foodie who loves to experiment and bake during my free time. In fact, I have already made a relatively lot of desserts for the family. Forget about buying desserts outside, for I prefer making one for them.  :)

 My Gravity Defying Cake (I intentionally erased the brand of the candy)

 My Angel Food Cake

My Creations ^_^

One of my favorite desserts include those staple ones (cold, creamy ice cream and cakes) :)  As an ice cream lover, there is no moment that I hate Ice Cream. That is why all kinds of desserts that involves Ice Cream is heaven to me *_*

So when I learned about how INIPIT can be used as an awesome dessert for the family, I never hesitated to immediately make and experiment on a collaboration of desserts, using both of the well-loved ingredients, cake in the form of INIPIT and ICE CREAM. :)

Here's what I got in making a VANILLA ICE CREAM in CHOCOLATE INIPIT CAKE:

Time of Preparation: 10 minutes
Time of Freezing: Overnight
Serves: 2 to 3 persons in a pint

For the Ice Cream (this is homemade and from scratch yay!):
-1 pack of All-purpose cream  (250 ml)
-1/3 can of quality condensed milk (you can lessen or add depending on the sweetness you prefer)

For the Cake: 
-5 to 6 pcs of Chocolate Inipit Cake

For the garnish:
-bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate morsels

For the tools:
-1 mixing bowl
-1 hand mixer
-1 spatula 
-1 small ice cream container (or even large but needs to adjust ingredients)

-Arrange the INIPIT CAKE inside the ice cream pint.

-Start whipping the All Purpose Cream and condensed until double in size and fluffy. Set aside. You may add other flavorings at this moment like coffee, cocoa, etc.

-Pour the whipped mixture to the arranged Inipit Cake inside the pint, Make sure all the whipped mixture is in the spaces of the cakes by tapping it on a counter.

-Put the chocolate morsels on top. You may opt to put small marshmallows or other crispies for the garnish.

-Cover the ice cream pint and freeze overnight.

-After freezing it should look like this:

Looks like an ice cream!!!! *_*

-Invert over a serving plate and cut.

-Serve while cold.

“Sarap maging kid with Inipit!” 


Desserts doesn't need to be complicated!

Enjoy and endulge this versatile 3-main ingredient cake! You can always add some flavorings on the ice cream itself and some toppings, but not doing it doesn't means you miss the decadence of this awesome treat with INIPIT!

Truly, there is #NoLimitWithInipit. 


 This is my Official Entry for the No Limit with INIPIT.