Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Qik or It Didn’t Happen!

Being a working mom is not an easy thing, especially if you are working more than 8 hrs a day.  I am talking about the time it takes before i can go home to see my son.  It was kinda torturing that I have to wait "at least" 12 hours (Which includes our transportation in going to and fro to the office) before I see my prince. :(

My hopeless case was solved when I happen to discover SKYPE QIK! Teehee!

I was able to:

K-indle the talent &
Y-earn every effort of my son. By sending our videos, he will be
P-raised accordingly and therefore, will be passionate on
E-very talent he had, produce
Q-uality outputs on his study and be
I-nspired in every little thing he does because he was able to show his accomplishments to us on a daily basis. 
K-udos to Skype Qik!

And guess what? It was also a sort of relaxation and fun for me seeing my friends and even my loved ones sending their videos as if we are just chatting together, face to face ^_^. Well, it includes even the crazy videos I got hahaha!

So what are you waiting for? If you are already tired of the boring text messages, this is the solution! Go and download SKYPE QIK app on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Windows Phone Store, so you too can experience the joys of quick video messaging!  

Capture the moment. Share the laugh.

 Skype Qik is easy to install :)

Simply Awesome *_*

Like me, you should Qik or these awesome things will not happen. :)
It is yours to decide ^_^


This is my official entry for the Qik or it didn't happen blog contest.

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