Saturday, December 25, 2010

Confessions of a Cameraholic

♫♫♫ You and me against the world... ♫♫♫

I am not talking about someone, but I am talking about "something."
Yes, "You" pertains to something which has already been a part of my inner being.

I am only a newbie in photography. I don't even deserve to be called a "PRO" since I do not have any formal training.  But somehow,  I knew that even at a very young age,  I am born to be attached with this gadget although I do not have the chance to have my own Film Camera. You see, we don't have enough money to buy those things since my parents need to augment first our basic necessities. Well, my parents own one and the good thing about it, I can pose in front of its lens! :p

In this particular photo, at the age of four,  I already love to pose in front of a camera:
See? :p

I have been a camwhore & a camera lover ever since I'm a child.  I love taking countless pictures of myself from the time Camera Phones were invented (Smartphones wherein a small camera is attached, Nokia phones like N97, etc.), until the new era of Digital SLRs .

A snapshot of just a "few" camera phone pics:

Likewise, I am also taking photos of my pets using my Camera Phone:
The photo above (my dog Miki) has been my pet dog since year 2002.
                      The photo below (with Shao Ming-the cat) has already won Php 5k worth of cat foods.

I believe that taking photos will remind me of the good old memories of the people and things around me. I love the feeling.

Time flies so fast and I got married.  The first thing that comes in my mind (or should I say first consideration on that "Big day") is to have great photos on our prenup and wedding.  So I chose a photographer who takes great pictures:

My hubby noticed my intense passion on photography.  So he gave me a digital camera. :)
Canon Powershot A720 IS:

It took me two years using my first ever Digicam.  Although this model of digicam is a bit thick and heavy, and was outdated after a few years, I still love taking pictures using it and I didn't attempt to buy a new one, since Canny (as how I call this digicam) takes nice photos...

...And even great videos:

But of course, in time, gadgets are subject for wear and tear like this one, especially when it has no good location for storage.

Damaged battery holder lock

It's difficult to take photos in this condition.
She's not functioning well. :(
I miss the old Canny,  the time that I first met her.

To my surprise, hubby bought me a special gift this year (It's NIKON D3000! Yay!):

Pips, meet Nikki  ^_^

And it comes with a camera bag for free!

But I noticed that it is not the "ideal bag" for a gadget like this Digital SLR:

I felt like Nikki is violated :(

At first I didn't mind it since I am already enjoying my newly-owned gadget. :) (Although honestly I am bothered with it knowing that Nikki isn't comfortable.) 

But anyway,  since Nikki loves me and takes great images, I'm now more inspired taking pictures of anything under the sun...

...capturing candid moments of my loved ones...

FUN FACT:  This photo of my son is the first image Nikki captured.  Believe it or not, it has already won Php 15k worth of prizes :)

...and even taking photos of myself :p

From day-to-day, "Nikki" became my companion and outlet of my emotions (happy, sad, frustrated, excited, angry, bored). Whatever mood I have (name it), Nikki is my BFF.
I tried very hard to be careful in using it, since I treat it as a part of my body.  If music is the language of our soul, this CAMERA is the language of my life.
Why did I say that?
Simply because Nikki, my camera:

...Brings us to have family bonding by having photo shoot sessions...

...helps me express my love for foods...

...Or should I say my passion on Food Photography ^_^...

I bring my camera wherever I go.  It's like blogging my life.  I document everything through this.  It may sound awkward to others but this is what I love to do.  Photography.

Now, after a series of travel for more or less than a month using the "free" camera bag, this is what happened:

I am now worried and troubled.
"What will I do?" :(
"How can I protect my precious camera that's been giving me a lot of favor?" 
For four months of using it, this gadget has helped me win cool prizes from different online contests:

I should return the favor.
Luckily, I saw this blog from Vince Golangco at the Facebook Fan Page of When In Manila. ^_^

This is it! :)
This season, I am hoping to give back my appreciation to my new gadget by protecting it to the fullest I can.
I don't want Nikki to experience what happened to Canny before.
Hopefully, my wish will be granted with the help of, and

Dear Santa, please hear me.
This is for my special companion, my life, my NIKKI.
I want to give enough protection to my best buddy, just like how I felt secured and protected every time I am capturing images with my precious camera.
I just realized, I should have protected Canny before.
But it's never too late. :)
For now, I brought Canny to someone who could fix her. ^_^
There will come a time that Nikki and Canny will meet and stay on the same ground, on a better shelter.
I want the best for them 'coz I love my girlfriends. and Pixel Pro camera stores are giving away CamSafe Anti-Theft bags and over P130,000.00 of other cash and prizes with their Picture Perfect Christmas contest! Find out how you can win here – 

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