Saturday, December 25, 2010

Everyday Ready with EVEREADY

Being a FULL-TIME Work at Home Mom is a difficult but fun commitment as a first time mother of a 2-year toddler.
I have to deal with my child's different moods everyday.
But the most difficult scenario is this: When Gav (as I called him) is having his tantrums and at the same time, I am working on tight deadlines.

As a mom, I want my child to feel better by calming him on things that he wanted (watching Giggle Bellies, videos with music).

One time, while Gav is watching , suddenly the remote control is not working.
 "What happened?"  I asked myself.

In the meantime, to stop my child's tantrums, I just lend my laptop for him to watch his videos:

Gosh, I need to finish my work that time!!!
"What will I do?"  I was really wondering why it happened.
So I immediately examined the remote control and I was shocked when I saw this:

It was a generic/substandard batteries on the remote control of Gav's DVD :(
Maybe someone has replaced it to use the battery I was using since then. Hahaha.
Well, no wonder, because ever since,  EVEREADY BATTERY is a great companion for gadgets that needs one!  On my case, it is very helpful on my daily tasks as a mom and as a Virtual Assistant.  The most common gadgets where I use EVEREADY GOLD batteries are:



Thank God, I have lot of EVEREADY BATTERIES for situations like this.  ^_^
I didn't waste any time, I immediately get 2 high-powered HEAVY-DUTY batteries to replace those generic ones :p

Tadaaa!  It's working properly again :)

Problem instantly solved!
That's why I only trust EVEREADY when it comes to range of battery-operated gadgets.
By the way,  my wireless mouse (which I really prefer to use since I have a playful toddler), were operated by EVEREADY GOLD.  I seldom change it's batteries even though I am using it everyday!  That's economically and practically wise-spending, and a great value in saving my time for work. :)

Life is easier with EVEREADY! ^_^

With EVEREADY, everyday I am ready to do my home based job and most importantly, my role as a mom.
I want to pass this generation of living a life with EVEREADY BATTERIES to my child as well, just like how my mom did it to me.

This is my Official Entry for Nuffnang Philippines' EVEREADY MOMENTS CONTEST.

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