Sunday, December 26, 2010

OXYGEN is a must: CLARITY's Oxygen Rejuvenating Facial Treatment

Few months ago, I am one of the finalists and participant in Clarity's "BRIGHT SMILES White Party" held at Shangrila Mall.  Oral prophylaxis, anti-aging facial and oxygen rejuvenating facial were given all throughout the night and everyone went home beaming with happiness.

I have this chance of using one of the freebies I got from the White Party, which is the Oxy-Rejuvenating Treatment.  As per the Staff who assisted me, I was advised that the treatment will last for 2 and a half hours!  Whew! 

The Oxy-Rejuvenating Facial Treatment is a combination of beauty treatment and science in the form of a relaxing and rejuvenating facial, which helps reduce fine lines and improves the complexion.
The deep cleansing effect of the facial treatment followed by the application of pure oxygen will give the skin a major boost and will make the patient look and feel fantastic. Tone, texture and elasticity are improved by this therapy, which is also relaxing and revitalizing.
As a delivery mechanism, the oxygen is sprayed directly onto the skin surface. A “serum” of active ingredients such as nutrients or vitamins are introduced to the oxygen stream just before the skin, and the combined oxygen and ingredients force its way past the skin’s barrier defense systems and into the lower levels of the epidermis.

I have never experienced having this kind of treatment before, and I must say, I am fully satisfied with the result I got.  As early as the treatment is on process, I can immediately see the results on my face. ^_^

I realized at that moment, Oxygen really plays an important role on our body, even on our skin. :)

After the treatment, this is what my skin looks like:
 I have this PINKISH GLOW!!!   Amazing.

 Fairer complexion.

 Smooth skin.

Last but not the least, relaxed & hydrated skin.

If you love your skin, hydrate it.

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